Technology Services recommends that faculty/staff and students of Meredith College use FoxIT to sign documents. Instructions on how to download and use FoxIT are available here »

Virtual forms are now available for email submission.  

Application for Graduation: Undergraduate and Graduate Students – Virtual Form

Change of Demographic Information Form – Virtual Form

Change of Address Form– Virtual Form

Change of Name Form

Change of Grade Form– Virtual Form

CRC (Cooperating Raleigh Colleges) Form – Virtual Form

CRC Regulations and Procedures

Course Overload Application– Virtual Form

Declaration of Major Form– Virtual Form

Declaration of Minor Form– Virtual Form

Diploma/Certificate Re-order Form Virtual Form

Drop/Add Request Form– Virtual Form

Graduate Programs Concentration Revision Form – Graduate Student change of concentration within the same department; to change programs, please see Graduate Admissions.

Incomplete Grade Form– Virtual Form

Leave of Absence Application: Undergraduate and Graduate– Virtual Form

Non Degree Application– Virtual Form

Off-Campus Credit Application– Virtual Form

Query Request Form– Virtual Form

Registration Clearance Card – Virtual Form.  Only for students who have not registered for any classes prior to the tuition due date.

Request to Appeal Probation Requirements Form– Virtual Form

Request to Appeal Academic Suspension Form– Virtual Form

Request to Extend Z Grade Form – Virtual Form
In the case that an extension is needed on a Z grade, to extend past one semester, this form is used. 

Research Form– Virtual Form

Special Studies Proposal– Virtual Form

Transcript Request– Virtual Form

Withdrawal Form for Undergraduates– Virtual Form

Withdrawal Form for Graduate Students– Virtual Form

If you have difficulty accessing any of the forms on this page, please contact the Disability Services office for assistance. Thank you.

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