Commencement Ceremony Information


The college holds a commencement ceremony in May for students who are graduating in May and who have graduated in the previous August and December terms. Please check the Commencement website for information about the ceremony, caps and gowns, and commencement activities.

Application for Graduation (Intent to Graduate)

Students are required to submit the Application for Graduation to indicate the intent to graduate.

Progress Screen (Self-Service/Student Planning)

The Progress screen is the tool used by students and advisors to see the student’s progress toward degree requirements and is available in Self-Service/Student Planning. Students can access their Progress screen throughout their enrollment at Meredith College and are encouraged to check it routinely. Please note the progress bars and “At a Glance” information at the top of the screen, as well as the requirement sections below.

Ultimate responsibility for fulfilling graduation requirements rests with the student. Students should contact their advisor if there are questions about the Progress screen. If there are unresolved questions following a discussion with their advisor, please contact the Office of the Registrar at (919) 760-8593 or

Graduation Fee

A graduation fee of $125 will be charged to the student’s account upon submission of the Application for Graduation. Payment of this fee and any outstanding account balance is required to release the student’s diploma and transcript, and to participate in the commencement exercise.

Checklist for Graduating Students

  1. Submit Application For Graduation
  2. Pay graduation fee of $125 (and any other outstanding account balance)
  3. Review Progress screen with advisor. After registration for the last semester, review updated Progress screen.
  4. Submit final program substitutions
  5. Submit Academic/Cultural Events

Important Deadlines for May Graduates

  • Application for Graduation – October 20
  • Submission of Convocations/Cultural Events – October 20
  • Submission of Substitutions/Exceptions – March 1
  • Receipt of Transcripts for Off-Campus Courses – noon Monday, before graduation on Saturday

Important Deadlines for July Graduates

Important Deadlines for August Graduates

Important Deadlines for December Graduates

  • Application for Graduation – March 20
  • Submission of Convocations/Cultural Events – March 20
  • Submission of Substitutions/Exceptions – October 1
  • Receipt of Transcripts for Off-Campus Courses – December 31

Contact Information
141 Johnson Hall
(919) 760-8593