Make the most of your strong potential.

A great college experience prepares you for a successful career and a satisfying life.

That’s why we developed StrongPoints®- an advising and personal coaching program found only at Meredith that’s designed to help you make the most of college.

Through this comprehensive initiative, you’ll identify your strengths and then build on them. Explore academic and experiential activities. Increase your financial literacy. Examine potential career paths. And with the guidance of expert faculty and staff advisers, you’ll develop a plan to achieve your goals in college – and throughout your life.

Contact Information
Beth Hwang
Assistant Director, StrongPoints
216 Park Center
(919) 760-8210

Work with your faculty adviser to explore your academic interests through Meredith’s general education and academic programs.

In collaboration with your faculty adviser, select a major and create a pathway to complete your studies on time.

Monitor and revise your academic progress and graduation plan in consultation with your faculty adviser.

With your faculty adviser, review your academic plan to ensure completion of all graduation requirements.

At Meredith, students develop a personalized plan to prepare them for the life they want to lead and support to help them stay on track – and finish strong.

Four Areas of StrongPoints


Develop an academic plan that emphasizes your strengths.


Explore out-of-class experiences that enhance your learning and development.

Financial Literacy

Gain the skills and knowledge to make strong financial decisions.


Create a career plan that builds on your strengths and prepares you for success.

"StrongPoints is powerful because it encourages students to focus on their innate talents and gifts."

President Jo Allen, ’80
Profile photo of Caroline Garrett

Caroline Garrett, ’19, aims to change the world through advocacy. With a passion for helping others, she is pursuing degrees in social work and psychology with a minor in sociology.

Profile photo of Berekia Divanga

When Berekia Divanga, ’19, moved from Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo, to Raleigh in 2012, she brought her ambition and determination.

Profile photo of Andressia Ramirez in front of the Johnson Hall fountain

With drive and persistence Andressia Ramirez, ’19, has used her time at Meredith College to build experiences that will lead to her dream career as an immigration lawyer.