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Catherine Pelone

Promoting Health Through Nutrition – Catherine Pelone Hill »

After earning her bachelor’s degree at a large university, Catherine Pelone Hill, ’13, M.S. in nutrition, wanted to pursue her graduate education in a more intimate learning environment.

Ingrid Sanchez

Ingrid Sanchez »

As CEO and founder of her own company, Ingrid Sanchez, ’01, MBA, said she’s a “poster child” for the Meredith MBA.

Cindy Anderson

Building Worldwide Connections – Cindy Anderson »

Cindy Anderson, ’12, M.A. in Teaching, was motivated to pursue her graduate degree by her students’ desire to learn and her own desire to stay on top of teaching trends.

Amanda Bodenheimer

Health and Nutrition Educator – Amanda Bodenheimer »

Like many students in Meredith’s graduate programs, Amanda Bodenheimer, ’14, juggled multiple responsibilities while pursuing her Master of Science in nutrition degree.

Chris Newport

Helping Clients Reach Fitness Goals – Chris Newport »

Chris Newport, ’11, M.S. in nutrition, earned her master’s degree in order to more effectively help her clients reach their fitness goals.

Katherine Pfohl

Katherine Pfohl »

Katherine Pfohl, ’13, MBA, rounded out her skill set and knowledge base through Meredith’s one-year accelerated MBA program.

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Jason Lowry

Jason Lowry »

Jason Lowry, ’14, uses his MBA knowledge and skills daily as a senior manager, applying his strategic strengths while empowering members of his team to develop professionally.

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graduate programs mba

Tasha Friend

Tasha Friend »

Building on a wealth of professional experience, Tasha Friend, ’14, MBA, gained even more confidence at Meredith, which has helped her to thrive in new situations.

Strong Story Cynthia Moseley

Educating Tomorrow’s Teachers – Cynthia Mosley »

Cynthia Mosley, ’14, is a lifelong learner whose enthusiasm for education has led her to pursue multiple graduate degrees, including a Master of Education from Meredith.

Tessa Nguyen »

Eating healthy can be achieved by anyone, regardless of their cooking skills



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