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woman in grey jacket

Stephanie Ott »

After completing her Dietetic Internship at Meredith, Stephanie Ott, ’19, decided to pursue her Master of Science in nutrition in order to better serve her patients. A practicing licensed registered dietitian at Duke Raleigh Hospital, Stephanie will serve as the main DI clinical preceptor at Duke Raleigh after graduation.

Image of Michael Raynor

Michael Raynor »

Michael Raynor, ’17, M.S. in Nutrition, completed his Dietetic Internship in May 2018. As a registered dietitian and sports nutritionist, he works with athletes to help maximize their performance.

Image of Ellison White wearing white top and red earrings

Ellison White »

Ellison White, ’18, M.S. in Nutrition, feels well-prepared for a career in her chosen field of nutrition and dietetics – one that has new discoveries emerging all the time.

Elizabeth Hurley

Elizabeth Hurley »

Elizabeth Hurley,’16, M.S. in Nutrition has already earned accolades in the nutrition field.

Chris Dunham

Chris Dunham »

Chris Dunham,’16, earned his M.S. in Nutrition to pursue his passion for sustainable food and nutrition.

Samantha Van Ollefen

Samantha Van Ollefen »

Samantha Van Ollefen discovered a passion for sustainable agriculture while earning her M.S. in Nutrition.

Leslie Frampton

Leslie Frampton »

Earning an M.S. in Nutrition prepared Leslie Frampton for her dream job as a wellness program manager.

Catherine Pelone

Catherine Pelone »

I have a strong desire to help the U.S. – and even the world – become a healthier place

Amanda Bodenheimer

Amanda Bodenheimer »

Like many students in Meredith’s graduate programs, Amanda Bodenheimer, ’14, juggled multiple responsibilities while pursuing her Master of Science in nutrition degree.

Chris Newport

Chris Newport »

Chris Newport earned her master’s degree in order to more effectively help her clients reach their fitness goals.



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