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woman in grey jacket

Becoming a Licensed Registered Dietitian – Stephanie Antonelli »

After completing her Dietetic Internship at Meredith, Stephanie (Ott) Antonelli, ’19, decided to pursue her M.S. in nutrition and become a practicing licensed registered dietitian.

Image of Michael Raynor

Maximizing Athletes’ Performance – Michael Raynor »

Registered dietitian and sports nutritionist Michael Raynor, ’17, M.S. in nutrition works with athletes to help maximize their performance.

Image of Ellison White wearing white top and red earrings

Caring for Her Community – Ellison White Clark »

Ellison White, ’18, M.S. in Nutrition, was well-prepared for a career in her chosen field of nutrition and dietetics – one that has new discoveries emerging all the time.

Elizabeth Raynor

A Health and Wellness Leader – Elizabeth Raynor »

Elizabeth Raynor,’16, M.S. in Nutrition earned accolades in the nutrition field even before graduating.

Chris Dunham

A Passion for Sustainable Food – Chris Dunham »

Chris Dunham,’16, earned his M.S. in Nutrition to pursue his passion for sustainable food and nutrition.

Samantha Van Ollefen

Promoting Food Quality and Safety – Samantha Van Ollefen Humphrey »

Samantha Van Ollefen Humphrey, ’16, discovered a passion for sustainable agriculture while earning her M.S. in nutrition.

Leslie Archer

Supporting Wellbeing Through Nutrition – Leslie Archer »

Earning an M.S. in Nutrition prepared Leslie Archer, ’15, for her dream career as a wellness program manager.

Catherine Pelone

Promoting Health Through Nutrition – Catherine Pelone Hill »

After earning her bachelor’s degree at a large university, Catherine Pelone Hill, ’13, M.S. in nutrition, wanted to pursue her graduate education in a more intimate learning environment.

Amanda Bodenheimer

Health and Nutrition Educator – Amanda Bodenheimer »

Like many students in Meredith’s graduate programs, Amanda Bodenheimer, ’14, juggled multiple responsibilities while pursuing her Master of Science in nutrition degree.

Chris Newport

Helping Clients Reach Fitness Goals – Chris Newport »

Chris Newport, ’11, M.S. in nutrition, earned her master’s degree in order to more effectively help her clients reach their fitness goals.



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