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Becoming a Licensed Registered Dietitian – Stephanie Antonelli »

After completing her Dietetic Internship at Meredith, Stephanie (Ott) Antonelli, ’19, decided to pursue her M.S. in nutrition and become a practicing licensed registered dietitian.

Image of Michael Raynor

Maximizing Athletes’ Performance – Michael Raynor »

Registered dietitian and sports nutritionist Michael Raynor, ’17, M.S. in nutrition works with athletes to help maximize their performance.

Elizabeth Raynor

A Health and Wellness Leader – Elizabeth Raynor »

Elizabeth Raynor,’16, M.S. in Nutrition earned accolades in the nutrition field even before graduating.

Catherine Pelone

Promoting Health Through Nutrition – Catherine Pelone Hill »

After earning her bachelor’s degree at a large university, Catherine Pelone Hill, ’13, M.S. in nutrition, wanted to pursue her graduate education in a more intimate learning environment.

Chris Newport

Helping Clients Reach Fitness Goals – Chris Newport »

Chris Newport, ’11, M.S. in nutrition, earned her master’s degree in order to more effectively help her clients reach their fitness goals.

Tessa Nguyen »

Eating healthy can be achieved by anyone, regardless of their cooking skills



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