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Laura Anne Hatcher

A World of Possibilities – Laura Anne Hatcher »

Transferring to Meredith College was the best decision for Laura Anne Hatcher, ’17, who built self-confidence and strength during her time at Meredith.

Jasmine Aguinaldo

Enriching Opportunities – Jasmine Aguinaldo »

Jasmine Aguinaldo used her passion for volleyball, roller coasters, and people to shape her Meredith experience.

Karlie Long

Making Meredith History – Karlie Long »

Karlie Long, a member of the volleyball team, graduated as one of the most decorated players in Meredith Athletics history.

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accounting athletics

Alyssa Codispoti

Serving Her Country – Alyssa Codispoti »

As a student-athlete and member of the National Guard, Alyssa Codispoti plans to be an officer in the military.

Jessi Hayes

Jessi Hayes »

At Meredith, Jessi Hayes fulfilled her dream of playing collegiate basketball while also being an academic achiever.

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athletics business

Megan Luke

Pursuing Multiple Passions – Megan Luke »

As a student-athlete, campus leader, and dual degree engineering student, Megan Luke, ’17, was able to pursue all of her passions.

Jennifer Halvorson

Driven and Determined – Jennifer Halvorson »

Jennifer Halvorson is a student-athlete with the drive and determination to succeed on the field, in the classroom, and in her career.

Megan Amanatides

Joining a Winning Team – Megan Amanatides »

Megan Amanatides interned at a TV news station – and was awarded a full scholarship for graduate school.

Rachel Didier

An Impactful First Impression – Rachel Didier »

Meredith College was the right fit for fashion major Rachel Didier from the beginning.

Carla Lunday

Carla Lunday »

Internship experience gave Carla Lunday a head start on her career.



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