Teacher education is a vital part of Meredith College. The members of Meredith’s Department of Education embrace the College’s goal to educate students for success and to prepare them for service in the wider community.

The mission of the Meredith College Department of Education is to prepare reflective practitioners who have the 21st century knowledge, skills, and values to effectively teach all students. Graduates of the Department of Education, whom we term Meredith teachers, believe that reflection is essential to improving the quality of their teaching. They are able to examine the dilemmas of classroom practice within the cultural contexts in which they teach. They are able to question the assumptions they bring to teaching and strive to understand how their actions impact their students.  Meredith teachers are able to engage in reflection not only within their own classrooms but also within a community of professionals who have the common goal of improving student learning.

The vision of the Meredith College Department of Education embodies teaching, learning, leading. We seek to become the premier teacher education program in the Southeast. Our programs strive to be responsive to the needs of public schools, rigorous both in content and pedagogy, and innovative in design and delivery.

The conceptual framework of the teacher preparation program embodies the mission and vision of the College and of the Department of Education. It embraces evolving professional standards, including the North Carolina Professional Teaching Standards, and the participation of the public school community in teacher education.

Education at Meredith College

Find out what sets Meredith's education programs apart and why our teachers are among the best regionally and nationally.

Find out what sets Meredith’s education programs apart and why our teachers are among the best regionally and nationally.

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