At Meredith, we refer to the occupational dimension of wellness as the academic/career dimension of wellness. This dimension prepares you for pursuing your dreams through academics and career planning.

Academic/career wellness is learning to seek the information and support you need in order to gain personal satisfaction and find enrichment in your life through study and work.

Focus on the Intentional

  • Explore your strengths, interests, preferences, and values
  • Gain experience for transition to work & life
  • Pursue connections to achieve your goals

Explore and Connect

A huge part of preparing to pursue your dreams is to explore all of the possibilities available to you. Whether you are choosing a major, graduate school, or career path, Meredith has programs to help.


How will you know if something is right for you if you don’t take the time or opportunity to live it? See what Meredith has to offer.

Contact Information
Mary Johnson
110 Student Health and Wellness Center