The Office of Career Planning at Meredith College (“OCP”) provides a job referral service for students and alumnae, whereby employers may post information about their current job listings on OCP’s online system. This system, known as “Handshake,” allows students and alumnae to access those listings to identify possible job listings, submit applications for certain job listings, and arrange interviews with particular employers.

OCP works to protect the quality of opportunities available through Handshake, however, we cannot guarantee the legitimacy and integrity of all postings or employers.  While OCP screens every employer and job posting listed in Handshake, including verifying websites and email/physical addresses and checking registration with the State, OCP is not responsible for the safety, salary, availability, or student satisfaction related to off-campus internships, co-ops, or full-time positions.  OCP makes no representations, recommendations or guarantees regarding the accuracy or reliability, or otherwise, of any employer, posted job listing, or employment data transmitted through Handshake.

Employment listings found on Handshake site do not constitute an endorsement of any particular employer or their policies by Meredith College’s Office of Career Planning.  It is the responsibility of each applicant to research and verify the integrity of the employing organization, and to make appropriate inquiries about the position in which they are interested.   As such, we encourage students and alumnae to use caution, safeguard your search, and use discretion during the search process.  Any complaints, situations, job postings or employers that cause concern should immediately be communicated to the OCP staff.  If you are unsure about a position or employer, contact our staff for a second opinion.

OCP urges all applicants to exercise caution and common sense when utilizing Handshake and when applying for any position posted on the job listings. If you feel uncomfortable about a job opportunity that you find, do not provide any personal information. Be wary if a job or employer:

  • Offers you a job with little or no interaction with you.
  • Offers a large amount of money for a little work or payment before work has been completed.
  • Requests personal information such as your Social Security Number, bank account or credit card information, copies of passport, license or other personal documents.
  • Requests you to make any type of wire transfer from one account to another.
  • Employer uses a personal email address instead of a company email address.
  • Post includes multiple spelling and grammatical errors.

Should you find any of these issues within Handshake, please contact Career Planning immediately at 919-760-8341 or

Contact Information
2nd Floor, Park Center
(919) 760-8341

We would be glad to arrange an appointment with you. You can book an appointment via Handshake or call/email us and the staff will help you arrange a convenient time.