Promoting Food Quality and Safety – Samantha Van Ollefen Humphrey

After earning her Master of Science in nutrition, Samantha Van Ollefen Humphrey, ’16, planned to pursue a job as an advocate for public health, environmental and agricultural sustainability, and food system optimization. Today, as a regional industry trainer in the field, she credits the nutrition faculty at Meredith for inspiring her to follow this profession.

“My professors at Meredith encouraged me to pursue what I love, especially when I doubted traversing the ‘road less traveled.’”

Samantha said she appreciated the individualized attention she received at Meredith, as well as the close relationships she developed with her peers. Throughout her graduate studies, Samantha found that her professors enhanced her interest in sustainability, taught her to think critically and work in harmony with others, and encouraged her to pursue her passions. She also appreciated the way her classmates brought their own experiences and personalities into the classroom, which expanded her own views and ways of thinking.

“My graduate classes were supportive and enlightening and I will always remember our thought-provoking conversations (and debates!).”

For Samantha, one of the most valuable hands-on learning opportunities was her involvement with Meredith’s Three Sisters Garden.

“Learning about food is one thing, learning how to grow food is another thing entirely! My involvement with the garden was a great addition to my traditional, formal educational experience.”

As a member of the Advisory Committee, Samantha planned events at the garden, helped produce a newsletter, organized student volunteers, and planted and picked produce – all of which contributed to her strong desire to promote sustainable agriculture.

“My time at Meredith changed my entire perspective on the food system and helped me discover something I’m incredibly passionate about.”

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