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Cash is the simplest way to give to Meredith. You may deduct a cash gift of up to 50% of your adjusted gross income on your federal income tax return. If your gift exceeds 50%, you may deduct the excess during the following five years, up to 50% of adjusted gross income in each carry-over year. A pledge or promissory note is not deductible until it is paid.

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IRA Gift Opportunity

You must be age 70½ or older and own a traditional or Roth IRA. Other retirement plans, such as pensions, 401(k) plans and others are not eligible.

Only the IRA trustee can transfer gift amounts to a qualified organization. If IRA owners withdraw funds and then contribute them to charity separately, amounts withdrawn will be included in your gross income.

No charitable deductions are allowed, but gift amounts will not be included in your income. IRA gifts may satisfy charitable pledges, according to the IRS.

IRA gifts may not exceed $100,000. The “ceilings” on contribution deductions (50% of adjusted gross income for cash, 30% of AGI for capital gain assets), do not apply to IRA gifts.

IRA gifts cannot be made to charitable remainder trusts or other “life income gift” arrangements. Transfers are not permitted to donor advised funds or “supporting organizations.

For more information please contact Linda Carter at (919) 760-8703 or

Matching Gifts

Often your gift to Meredith College can be multiplied by matching funds from companies and foundations. You may check with your company's personnel office or contact us to find out if your company matches gifts to the College.

If you have questions about matching gifts, please contact Whitley Glosson at (919) 760-8373 or

Planned Gifts

A deferred gift will help you continue a legacy at Meredith College for generations. It can also help you and your family with both financial benefits and tax savings.

Over 600 alumnae, faculty, staff, parents and friends have included Meredith in their estate plans. These gifts include bequests, gift annuities, life insurance policies and charitable remainder trusts. Learn how deferred gifts have benefited many of our alumnae and friends.

By making a deferred gift you will join those who have made gifts to the College while planning for their own future. The different plan instruments for making deferred gifts can be tax-wise as well as yield both immediate and long-term benefits. Regardless of the gift instrument, you can direct the proceeds of your gift to a scholarship, building, or College program of your choice.

The Heritage Society recognizes contributors who have remembered Meredith in their estate plans. These individuals are dedicated to helping Meredith fulfill her obligation to future generations.

Our planned giving office would be pleased to work with you to find the plan that best fits your needs and goals. Before committing to a gift plan, please consult your attorney or financial advisor concerning your gift options.

Contact Linda Carter, Office of Gift Planning at (919) 760-8703 or

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To make a pledge please contact Erin Cleghorn, director of the The Meredith Fund, at or (919) 760-8060.

Real Estate

Gifts of real estate may consist of many types of property: a principal residence or a vacation residence, a farm, a commercial building, subdivision lots, or undeveloped land. The gift may be the entire property or a fractional interest in the property. The same benefits that accrue to gifts of appreciated securities apply to gifts of appreciated real estate. Gifts of real estate can be made as outright gifts or as life income gifts, such as a charitable remainder trust. Meredith College requires an environmental survey of the real estate before accepting a gift.


If you contribute long-term appreciated securities that have been held for over one year, you enjoy a two-fold tax benefit: first, a charitable deduction for the fair market value of the securities; and second, no capital gains tax on the appreciation (difference between the cost basis and the current fair market value). You may deduct a gift of securities on your federal income tax return of up to 30% of your adjusted gross income. Similar to gifts of cash, there is a five-year carry-over allowance in order to realize the full benefit of the deduction.

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For more information, please contact Whitley Glosson at (919) 760-8373 or by email at

Tangible Personal Property

Meredith accepts art, antiques, or any other form of tangible personal property as charitable gifts. Each item must be evaluated by Meredith College to determine whether or not it is related to the school's tax-exempt status and whether the College may reasonably use the gift. Gifts directly related to the College's tax-exempt purpose (e.g. a painting that is useful in art classes) can be deducted at their current market values. Other non-related gifts are limited to a deduction equal to your cost basis, which is generally what you paid for the item. If the College wishes to accept the property and if the property is valued at more than $5,000, you must obtain a professional independent appraisal (not more than 60 days prior to the date of gift) to receive a charitable deduction. Please consult your own advisors for tax and legal advice.


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