Over the years, Meredith College has earned a notable reputation for its commitment to quality in academics and athletics. Our goal is to maintain that level of quality while expanding and enhancing opportunities for our student-athletes. 

Meredith College competes in 11 varsity sports in NCAA Division III and is a member of the USA South Athletic Conference. The Avenging Angels are a consistent presence in the women’s division of the USA South Presidents Cup competition, awarded to the league’s top overall athletic program each year. Since 2013, the Avenging Angels have been in the top two and captured first place for the 2014-15 school year.

Our student-athletes have not only made their mark on Meredith College and in the USA South, but also in the world with the same spirit, dedication, and pride in achieving their personal best that marked their years on the field and in the classroom. Yesterday’s student-athletes are today’s authors, attorneys, health care professionals, business women, engineers, mothers, volunteers, designers, and more.

Strong athletic programs are built from within, but the strongest programs are supported both internally and externally. Founded in 2015, the Avenging Angels Club continues to grow each year. As a Club member, you will play a vital role in our success by providing financial assistance to the athletics department above the normal operating budget and promoting excellence of each Meredith sports program. Join us today.

The Avenging Angels Club contributes to the success of the Meredith College intercollegiate athletics program. The Club was established to encourage alumnae, family, and friends to invest in the future of Avenging Angels Athletics.

What is supported by the Avenging Angels Club?
Gifts to the Avenging Angels club enhance programs, facilities, visibility, recruiting, and place special focus on enhancing the overall student- athlete experience.

Special Opportunities
Your gift will help fund travel for student-athletes to compete against top regional and national teams. Provide our teams with special training equipment and technology. And bring the best people and athletes to the Meredith College family while providing an outstanding team experience.

The Need for your Support
Your contribution to the Avenging Angels Club expands opportunities for Meredith student-athletes to compete at the local, regional, and national Division III level. Gifts will help Meredith build on an
exceptional foundation for success, while providing greater opportunity for our student-athletes. In keeping with the College’s mission, the Meredith athletics program strives to foster in students integrity, independence, and personal growth. We also provide students with opportunities to gain knowledge and skills to excel in their chosen sport, to develop the ability to assume leadership roles
within their team and other organizations and to demonstrate responsible citizenship and respect for a diverse community.

Women Who Play Sports:

  • Demonstrate confidence and self-esteem
  • Develop leadership skills
  • Learn how to function as part of the team
  • Achieve academic success
  • And when they step off the field or court, our student-athletes apply these skills to the classroom,
  • internships, group projects, and careers.

The Time is Now.

The Meredith College athletics program has established itself as a top competitor in the USA South Conference. Donors will help student-athletes experience unique opportunities by making a gift to the Avenging Angels Club today.

When Meredith College was chartered in 1891, the college inaugurated a culture of excellence in women’s higher education. In our 129th year, Meredith now holds the esteem of being the largest private women’s college in the South, and one of the most competitive players in the USA South Conference.

Rich, educational opportunities coupled with a strong, athletic NCAA Division III program enables Meredith student-athletes to gain skills beyond the scope of the classroom walls. Our student-athletes graduate with confidence, discipline, leadership, and self-motivation. The game has taught them to take risks, feel empowered, and have the courage to succeed at a high pressure level.

Meredith Athletics Partners Initiative

Meredith Athletics invites you to join our Partnerships Initiative which provides opportunities for select corporations and organizations to increase their visibility to Meredith students-athletes and alumnae. We offer you the chance to share in Meredith’s commitment to empowering young women to be confident in their pursuit of academic and athletic achievements.

We are empowering women every day to become stronger and we need your support.

  • 11 NCCA Division III Teams
  • 25 USA South Championships
  • 14 NCAA Appearances
  • 280 USA South All Conference Players
  • 556 USA South All-Academic Athletes
  • Over $300,000 in donor support

Meredith Athletics empowers each athlete to achieve her goals on the court and field as well as in the classroom. We encourage our students to support the community in which their education is rooted, to give back to a community that has given to them a chance to foster and grow in athleticism and academia. To this point, we hope to showcase those organizations on our campus who believe in the empowerment of women and wish to move them into successful careers upon graduation.

Contact Information 
Eric Douglass
Director of Strategic Giving for Athletics/Head Tennis Coach
(919) 760-8589 or (919)986-5205