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Carrie Swart Tulbert

Carrie Swart Tulbert »

School culture is a powerful component of education that is often overlooked

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teacher education

Holly Mills

Holly Mills »

Holly has used her strengths during her time at Meredith to encourage others to make sustainable choices.

Angie Ramkellawan

Angie Ramkellawan »

Watch strong senior Angie Ramkellawan, a business administration major, talk about her Meredith experience

Senttra Snowden-Gregg

Senttra Snowden-Gregg »

Watch strong student Senttra Snowden-Gregg, an English major with 9-12 teaching licensure, talk about her Meredith experience.

Melissa de Leon

Melissa de Leon »

As a fashion major at Meredith, Melissa de Leon learned to be independent, self-motivated, and strong.

Rodda Ouma

Rodda Ouma »

Meredith College has encouraged me to think differently, and to get involved and engaged in leadership activities.

Hannah Palko

A Commitment to Strength – Hannah Palko »

Biology major Hannah Palko found direction for her own life by helping others.

Katy Clary

Katy Clary »

Katy Clary’s Meredith experience prepared her to thrive in graduate school.

Amanda Bodenheimer

Amanda Bodenheimer »

Like many students in Meredith’s graduate programs, Amanda Bodenheimer, ’14, juggled multiple responsibilities while pursuing her Master of Science in nutrition degree.

Lara Pantlin

Lara Pantlin »

Watch strong senior Lara Pantlin, a psychology major, talk about her Meredith experience.



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