Highlighting Female Artists – Nora Butkovich

Nora Butkovich, ’16, who designed her own major in art history, says Meredith provided her with the foundation to embark on her journey of becoming a museum curator.

She has earned a full scholarship to graduate school at Virginia Commonwealth University to pursue her art career.

“My dream is to be able to highlight female artists who are not typically showcased in museums.”

Through study abroad in Italy and Scotland, as well as an internship with the North Carolina Museum of Art, Nora gained real-world experience that opened her eyes to all the possibilities of a career in art.

She also participated in undergraduate research, delivering a presentation at the Southeastern College Art Conference about artist Kathe Kollwitz. Nora’s research showed how Kollwitz was overlooked during her time period, especially when compared to her male counterparts.

Nora is writing her honors thesis on interwar Polish artists (who were prolific during the time between World Wars I and II) and how they have been erased from traditional art history because of their radicalism.

“I really love how Meredith has encouraged me to be myself, and I have also been able to depend on my advisor, Dr. Beth Mulvaney. She has been so helpful and has provided me the guidance I have needed to succeed.”

Nora is eager to take the next step toward her goals and says that her Meredith experience has made it all possible.

“Meredith has not only helped me pursue my education, but has provided me a home away from home. I have learned to be spontaneous and to work hard to achieve my dreams.”

By Taylor-Lynn Moore, ’17