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Laura Lavigne

Striving for Excellence – Laura Lavigne »

Interior design major and Wings student Laura Lavigne, ’17, was determined to succeed and kept pushing toward the finish line.

Marianna Chriscoe

Making Powerful Connections – Marianna Chriscoe »

Social work major and Wings student Marianna Chriscoe, ’17, will go on to earn her Master of Social Work after graduation.

Gemma Brodney

Working With Children and Families – Gemma Brodney »

Wings student Gemma Brodney was drawn to Meredith’s programs that prepare grads to work with children and families.

La’Meshia Whittington

Inspiring Academic Pursuits – La’Meshia Whittington »

La’Meshia Whittington, ’16, is co-founder of TW2 Inc., a nonprofit that she started when she was a teenager.

Patricia Bordonaro

Advocating For Human Rights – Patricia Bordonaro »

After suffering from several medical diagnoses, Patricia Bordonaro, ’17, believes the chance to go back to school has been a miracle.

Nikki Truax

Nikki Truax »

After a 15-year career in the health care field, Nikki Truax, ’15, decided it was time to return to college and earn a degree that would allow her to pursue her passion.

Barbara Shantz

Barbara Shantz »

Barbara Shantz, ’17, a student in Meredith’s Wings Adult Education program, traveled to Peru with the Business School.

Ginger Neustadt

Ginger Neustadt »

Earning her degree as an adult gave Ginger Neustadt an even greater sense of confidence.

Bev Mecum

Bev Mecum »

See how Wings student Bev Mecum, ’15, found ways to combine her previous careers with her love of art during her time at Meredith.

Caroline Hriso

Carolyn Hriso »

Attending Meredith as an adult student helped Carolyn Hriso, ’94, grow professionally.

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