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Laura Dugom

The Road to Medical School – Laura Dugom »

A senior biology major with a chemistry minor, Laura Dugom, ’16, discovered at Meredith a desire to work in healthcare.

Naba Khan

A Passion for STEM – Naba Khan »

Naba Khan, ’15, came to Meredith loving science.

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biology honors program

Olivia Seeger

Seizing Opportunities – Olivia Seeger »

After graduation Olivia Seeger made plans to return to South Africa as a field specialist for a marine biology company.

Rimsha Afzal

The Best of Both Worlds – Rimsha Afzal »

In this video Strong Story, see how Rimsha Afzal was able to pursue both of her passions: theatre and biology.

Hannah Palko

A Commitment to Strength – Hannah Palko »

Biology major Hannah Palko found direction for her own life by helping others.

Elizabeth Marshall

Conducting Research – Elizabeth Marshall »

Biology and international studies major Elizabeth Marshall pursued multiple opportunities to conduct research.

Hawa Tuli

The Importance of Global Health – Hawa Tuli »

Biology major Hawa Tuli plans to earn a master of science in global health.

Whitney Bell

Maximizing Potential – Whitney Bell »

Whitney Bell, ’17, took advantage of the opportunities available at Meredith through internships, the study abroad program, and campus life.

Briana Landis

Finding a Cure – Briana Landis »

Diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) at the age of four, Briana Landis, ’19, has never wanted her disease to define her. Instead, she wants to use her diagnosis to help others.



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