Seizing Opportunities – Olivia Seeger

Have you ever dreamed of throwing caution to the wind, packing up your belongings, and heading to South Africa to work with great white sharks?

That’s exactly what Olivia Seeger, ’15, has planned after commencement.

Olivia, a biology major, spent the summer of 2014 in Mossel Bay, South Africa, researching the dorsal fins of great white sharks with Oceans Research, a marine biology company. Her research resulted in her Celebrating Student Achievement Day presentation – and a job offer from Oceans Research. Olivia will return to South Africa to join the company as a field specialist in the Marine Research Unit.

It’s the ideal next step for this adventurous graduate.

“Meredith has taught me to be a strong independent woman and to always seek to discover,” said Olivia.

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