Conducting Research – Elizabeth Marshall

Elizabeth Marshall, ’15, brought serious strengths with her when she came to Meredith. An ability to learn quickly. Confidence in her ideas. And an aptitude for leadership.

Now that she’s a senior, it’s clear that the range of experiences she’s had during her time at Meredith have made her even stronger. From serving in student government as a senator and vice president, to presenting her research at a national conference, Elizabeth has embraced college as a time to try new things and build on her strengths.

An avid student and a double major in biology and international studies, Elizabeth sought out opportunities to engage in research. She participated in the Cooperative Mentored Research program for two years and was recently awarded 2nd place for a presentation at the American Society for Gravitational and Space Research in Pasadena, Calif.

“My opportunities in undergraduate research have prepared me for my future professional career and contributed to my confidence in pursuing ideas,” said Elizabeth. “They also taught me that I enjoy research, particularly interpreting the results and deciding what conclusions can be made and where/what to explore next.”

The connections that Elizabeth has made with faculty have also been significant.

“My academic experience at Meredith has been very personal. I have always felt that my professors are interested in my academic career and are willing to talk with me about different opportunities and interests. Dr. Schmidt, Dr. Lindquist, and Dr. Aghoram have all been instrumental in giving me opportunities in undergraduate research.”

And, Elizabeth noted, the faculty support she’s received has also laid the groundwork for her success after graduation.

“Dr. Aghoram has spent a great deal of time helping the health undergraduate students prepare for and get into their intended graduate schools.”

Elizabeth plans to attend medical school and enter into academic medicine. She’d also like to specialize, possibly in cardiology. There’s little doubt this strong student will succeed – no matter what she takes on.