Media Experts

Meredith faculty are available to share their expertise, analysis and commentary on a wide range of topics. The faculty profiles below contain detailed information to help members of the media find the most relevant expert for their needs

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College Research

Status of Women in Politics

The Status of Women in North Carolina Politics, a report released by Meredith College, uses data about women as voters and elected leaders throughout the state to offer recommendations for improving women’s underrepresentation in politics.

Status of Girls in NC

The Status of Girls in North Carolina documents factors that impact girls’ lives within the state. The report highlights areas in which girls in N.C. are making strides, areas in need of improvement, and areas of disparity among girls.

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Women’s Topics Experts

As a women’s college, Meredith College places special emphasis on topics relating to women. Meredith faculty have expertise in a variety of subject areas including business, communication, culture, politics, and more.


Lisa Delise

Assistant Professor of Management

Area of Expertise

Industrial/organizational psychology, research on teams, specifically how teams share information, communicate, and collaborate to develop shared cognition, and how teams can be trained to enhance communication and performance.

Jeff Langenderfer

Associate Professor of Marketing & Law

Area of Expertise

Negotiation, Marketing and public policy issues, with a particular emphasis intellectual property matters, privacy, scams and swindles, and consumer interactions with lottery products

Lisa Monahan

Assistant Professor of Marketing

Area of Expertise

Marketing, advertising

Nathan Woolard

Department Chair, School of Business

Area of Expertise

Entrepreneurship, family business

Bing Yu

Acting Dean & Professor of Finance

Area of Expertise

His research interests include the international dividend policy and capital structure decisions; assets pricing in emerging markets; women’s role in corporate governance; law, culture, and corporate finance.

Child Development

Pamela Norcross

Assistant Professor, Human Environmental Sciences & Interim Child Development Program Coordinator

Area of Expertise

Child Development, Expert in postpartum depression and maternal depression, parenting, and Child Life: children and families in healthcare


Alan Buck

Assistant Professor of Communication

Area of Expertise

Media, News, Digital Communication, Video Production

Teresa Holder

Head, Department of Communication; Professor of Communication

Area of Expertise

Communication theory, public relations, presentation, personal branding, research on women in nontraditional careers.

Carla Ross

Associate Professor of Communication

Area of Expertise

Interpersonal communication, forgiveness

Doug Spero

Associate Professor of Communication

Area of Expertise

Journalism, news, radio and television broadcasting, mass communication


Anne York

Program Director and Professor, Economics

Area of Expertise

Economic issues, gender issues related to the economy, gender wage gap, women’s role in corporate governance


Heather Bower

Department Head, Assistant Professor, Education

Area of Expertise

Curriculum and Instruction, Family Involvement, Student Engagement, School Leadership, School Culture

Elizabeth Grimes-Droessler

Faculty, Art and Education

Area of Expertise

Arts Integration

Tisha Duncan

Professor, Education; Coordinator, MAT K-6 Program

Area of Expertise

Curriculum & Instruction, Teacher Education, Emerging Adulthood, Homeschooling

Jennifer Olson

Professor and Director of Undergraduate Programs in Education

Area of Expertise

Children’s Literature, Content Literacy, Elementary Education, Field Experiences in Teacher Education

Julie Schrock

Professor, Education

Area of Expertise

Educational Psychology (teaching and learning), classroom management, behavior management, faculty development


Laura Fine

Professor of English; Department Head, English

Area of Expertise

Alisa Johnson

Associate Professor of English

Area of Expertise

Kelly Roberts

Professor of English / Program Coordinator for 6-9 and 9-12 English licensure for prospective teachers

Area of Expertise

Garry Walton

Adjunct, Professor of English

Area of Expertise


Diane Ellis

Professor, Human Environmental Sciences

Area of Expertise

Fashion, fashion merchandising, sustainability and environmental issues relating to fashion

Alexandra Howell

Assistant Professor, Human Environmental Sciences & Fashion Merchandising & Design Program Coordinator

Area of Expertise

Fashion, fashion merchandising. Her research is focused on how people use fashion to present their identity.

Higher Education

Jo Allen


Area of Expertise

Higher education, women’s colleges, college presidency

Shery Boyles

Director of Admissions

Area of Expertise

College admissions, higher education, recruitment

Kristi Eaves-McLennan

Vice President for Marketing and Communications

Area of Expertise

Higher Education, marketing, branding, recruitment communication

Ann Gleason

Dean of Students

Area of Expertise

Higher education, Title IX

Jean Jackson

Vice President for College Programs; Professor of English

Area of Expertise

higher education, student life

Matthew Poslusny

Senior Vice President and Provost; Professor of Chemistry

Area of Expertise

Higher Education, academic programs, enrollment/retention

Brandon Stokes

Director of Retention and Student Success

Area of Expertise

Higher Education, retention, student support


Daniel Fountain

Professor of History

Area of Expertise

U.S. History, early American history, Southern history, Public history

Amy O’Keef

Assistant Professor of History

Area of Expertise

Modern Chinese history, East Asian history, and Chinese Christianity

Angela Robbins

Associate Professor of History

Area of Expertise

U.S. history, women’s history

Gregory Vitarbo

Professor of History

Area of Expertise

Western Civilization and modern World History, Russian/Soviet history, Modern European history, the history of warfare, and the history of technology

Professor of History

Area of Expertise

U.S. History, early American history, Southern history, Public history


Michael Altman

Michael Altman

Program Director & Instructor, Hospitality and Tourism Management

Area of Expertise

hospitality, tourism development, brand strategy, communications, marketing, service and experience design

Political Science

Whitney Manzo

Whitney Ross Manzo

Associate Professor of Political Science; Pre-Law Adviser

Area of Expertise

Women in government, women in North Carolina government, women in higher education, election laws, and issues related to representation of women and racial/ethnic minorities.

Jeffrey Martinson

Associate Professor of Political Science

Area of Expertise

American Political System, International Politics, Modern Political Systems

David McLennan

Professor of Political Science; Director of the Meredith Poll

Area of Expertise

Political campaigns (presidential, US Senate, gubernatorial. etc.), Political debates, Polling, Media coverage of politics, Women in politics, Political advertising. Primary author of Meredith’s report on the Status of Women in Politics, Meredith Poll Director.


Cynthia Edwards

Department Head, Psychology and Social Work; Professor of Psychology

Area of Expertise

Developmental and social psychology, Leadership development among women and girls, and the role of social support structures in helping young women navigate key life transitions.

Joseph Mazzola

Associate Professor and Program Director, I/O Psychology MA

Area of Expertise

Industrial/organizational psychology, workplace stress measurement and management, occupational health promotion particularly related to barriers and facilitators to nutrition and exercise behaviors, and qualitative/mixed methodology. 

Gwynn Morris

Professor, Psychology

Area of Expertise

Developmental psychology, child development, and parenting

Betty-Shannon Prevatt

Assistant Professor, Psychology

Area of Expertise

Clinical psychology, women’s health, and women’s mental health, including perinatal and reproductive mental health

Religion & Ethics

Steven Benko

Professor of Religious & Ethical Studies

Area of Expertise

Contemporary ethical thought, ethical subjectivity, the relationship between humor, religion, and ethics, and how critical thinking strategies enhance pedagogical practices and student learning, women in culture and humor

Shannon Grimes

Professor & Department Head Religious and Ethical Studies

Area of Expertise

Religion, environmental ethics, philosophy

Social Work

Amanda Jones

Program Director, Assistant Professor, Social Work

Area of Expertise

Social work. Jones is a licensed clinical social worker with an active private practice

Sociology & Criminology

Lori Brown

Professor of Sociology & Criminology | Faculty Advisor, Criminal Justice MA Program

Area of Expertise

Criminology, Sociology, Teaches gender courses in sociology, Women and Crime, Human Sexuality, Population Dynamics, recent research in the public perceptions of women as police officers and police chiefs

Bianca Harris

Director, Criminal Justice Program

Area of Expertise

Criminal Justice topics including re-entry issues, continuity of care issues, staffing issues in criminal justice, Substance use and criminal justice, incarcerated women, children of incarcerated people, pregnant inmates, aging, and juvenile justice.

Amie Hess

Associate Professor of Sociology and Department Head Sociology & Criminology

Area of Expertise

Sociology. Lead researcher on Meredith’s Status of Girls in North Carolina Report. Her research focus is the relationship between gender, sexuality, and education

Kris Macomber

Assistant Professor, Sociology & Criminology

Area of Expertise

Sociology, criminology. Her research is focused on issues of women and gender.


Karthik Aghoram

Professor of Biological Sciences; Director, Pre-Health Post Baccalaureate Program

Area of Expertise

Cell Biology, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology with an emphasis on plants, Science communication, sustainable food production, GMOs.

Carolina Perez-Heydrich

Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences and Director of Undergraduate Research

Area of Expertise

Public health, epidemiology, population health, infectious disease, undergraduate research.

Janey McMillen

Director of Sponsored Programs – School of Natural & Mathematical Sciences

Area of Expertise

Obtaining and managing Federal funding, particularly research and product development; Implementation science, particularly web-based technologies supporting evidence-based programs; Ethical involvement of human participants in research. 

Maria Pickering

Associate Professor of Biological Sciences

Area of Expertise

Biology, STEM, women in STEM


Catherine Rodgers

Professor of Theatre, Program Coordinator of Theatre, Director of Meredith in Italy

Area of Expertise

Theatre, women in the arts, international education