Jeff Langenderfer

Jeff Langenderfer

Associate Professor of Marketing & Law

223 Harris

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Dr. Jeff Langenderfer is an Associate Professor of Marketing & Law in the School of Business  at Meredith College in Raleigh, NC. Professor Langenderfer holds a B.A. in Economics from  the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, a J.D. from North Carolina Central University  School of Law, and a Ph.D. in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing  from the University of South Carolina at Columbia. 

Dr. Langenderfer is an active researcher, having published more than a twenty journal  articles in such publications as the Journal of Consumer Affairs, Journal of Public Policy &  Marketing, Psychology & Marketing, the Journal of Business Research, and the Journal of  Macromarketing. His research focuses on marketing and public policy issues, with a  particular emphasis on intellectual property matters, privacy, scams and swindles, and  consumer interactions with lottery products. Dr. Langenderfer also serves as a negotiation  consultant and as an Associate Editor for the Journal of Consumer Affairs. Teaching  interests include Marketing Strategy, Business Law, Consumer Behavior, and  Negotiation. Dr. Langenderfer lives in Raleigh, North Carolina with his wife and two  children.

Academic Credentials

Ph.D., Business Administration (Marketing), University of South Carolina

J.D., Law, North Carolina Central University 

B.A., Economics, University of North Carolina


Miyazaki, Anthony and Jeff Langenderfer (2011, June), “Teenagers and Digital Product Piracy: The Roles of Price, Ethics, and Social Influence.” Paper presented at the American Marketing Association Marketing and Public Policy Conference, Washington, D.C.

Langenderfer, Jeff, Marlys J. Mason, and Xiang Fang (2009), “Policy Implications of Reciprocity and Independent Judgment.”  Paper presented at the Marketing and Public Policy Conference, Washington, DC.


School of Business Scholar of the Year, 2011, 2019 

School of Business Teacher of the Year 2018 

MBA Professor of the Year, 2011, 2012, 2013


Newman, Christopher L., Mason, Marlys J., & Jeff Langenderfer (2021), “The Shifting  Landscape of Cannabis Legalization: Potential Benefits and Regulatory Perspectives, Journal  of Consumer Affairs, 1–9, 

Fitzgerald, M. Paula, Jeff Langenderfer, and Megan Lynn Fitzgerald (2020), “Is It Ethical for  For-profit Firms to Practice a Religion? A Rawlsian Thought Experiment, Journal of Business  Ethics, 166 (1), 159-174. 

Kopp, Steven W. and Jeff Langenderfer (2014), “Protecting Appearance and Atmospherics:  Trade Dress as a Component of Retail Strategy,” Journal of Public Policy & Marketing, 33 (1),  34-48. 

Langenderfer, Jeff (2009), “End User License Agreements: A New Era of Intellectual Property  Control,” Journal of Public Policy & Marketing, 28 (2), 202-211.

Miyazaki, Anthony D., Alexandra Aguirre-Rodriguez, and Jeff Langenderfer (2009), “Price,  Scarcity, and Consumer Willingness to Purchase Pirated Media Products,” Journal of Public  Policy & Marketing, 28 (1), 71-84. 

Langenderfer, Jeff and Anthony D. Miyazaki (2009), “Privacy in the Information Economy,  Journal of Consumer Affairs, 42 (Fall), 380-388.  

Langenderfer, Jeff and Stefan Linnhoff (2005), “The Emergence of Biometrics and Its Effect  on Consumers,” Journal of Consumer Affairs, 39 (2), 314-338. 

Linnhoff, Stefan and Jeff Langenderfer (2004), “Identity Theft Legislation: The Fair and  Accurate Credit Transactions Act of 2003 and the Road Not Taken,” Journal of Consumer  Affairs, 38 (2), 204-216. 

Langenderfer, Jeff and Steven W. Kopp (2004), “The Digital Technology Revolution and Its  Effect on the Market for Copyrighted Works: Is History Repeating Itself?” Journal of  Macromarketing, 24 (1), 17-30.

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