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StrongPoints / Experiential

StrongPoints: Experiential

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We know that much of your learning will happen outside of the classroom - that's why 94% of our students participate in some form of experiential learning. From choosing an appropriate internship to studying abroad, your experiential learning will complement your overall academic experience through your participation in StrongPoints.

Here are some of the ways you'll plan your experiential learning:

  • Seek significant out-of-class experiences, such as research, study abroad, service learning, leadership on campus, community involvement, and/or athletics, that test and enhance your learning and development
  • Weave experiential involvement into career direction and strength development
  • Track your experiences so that you can present a comprehensive picture when it comes time to interview for jobs or graduate school

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Using Strengths in Honor Council

Members of Meredith's student-run Honor Council use their strengths in a number of ways. As part of their orientation, Honor Council Adviser Tomecca Sloane meets with the officers to talk about their strengths - how they have been using them and how best to apply them in the context of their work with the Honor Council. Doing so fosters greater empathy, both for one another and for the students who come through the honor council process.

student dicussions
Talking about strengths gives students a way to have meaningful and productive conversations about themselves. It helps them think about the impact they have on others and allows them to engage with each other in a way that's sensible and practical.".Tomecca Sloane, Honor Council Adviser and Assistant Dean of Students

Strengths exploration is also useful for those students who are going through the process because of a violation. With its inherently positive focus, StrongPoints helps such students gain a different perspective on who they are and encourages them think about how to use their strengths in a positive way, both in the context of the Honor Council process but also in everyday life.
"I facilitate discussions on student sanctions. Typically there are a variety of ideas being discussed in order for the student to not only be sanctioned by Honor Council, but also have a learning experience. My relational strengths allow for a greater sense of comfort between the members on the board. As a result, discussions open up and great ideas are brought forward for students to have experiences they can learn from."Jada Labriado,'19, Honor Council Chair

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StrongPoints® is an advising and personal coaching program found only at Meredith that's designed to ensure our students make the most of college.


StrongPoints® is an advising and personal coaching program found only at Meredith that's designed to ensure our students make the most of college.

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Candice Webb
Director, StrongPoints
217 Park Center
(919) 760-2255
"StrongPoints encourages our students to think about what they bring to the table and how to use it in a positive way." Chrissie Bumgardner, Co-Director, First Year Experience
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