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StrongPoints / Career

StrongPoints: Career

Student Career Fair

At Meredith, our goal is for you to fully immerse yourself in your college experience. But we also want to help you prepare for life after college, whether that includes a career or further education in a graduate or professional program.

StrongPoints will help you plan for your career throughout your four years at Meredith. Here's how:

  • Identify strengths, interests, and values that prepare you for a variety of career options
  • Create a portfolio to help secure employment or admission to graduate or professional school
  • Begin building a network within your professional field of interest
  • Prepare for interviews and develop a strong resume

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Exploring Career Options in Biology

Meredith’s location near Research Triangle Park makes it an ideal place for students to find internships and jobs in the life sciences field. Associate Professors of Biological Sciences Jason Andrus and Erin Lindquist have developed a course based on StrongPoints to help biology students make the most of that advantage – and use their strengths in their chosen career path.

Students first take the strengths assessment. Then they engage in a variety of exercises throughout the semester that help them explore career options, learn how to present themselves professionally, and make industry connections.

For instance, students practice introducing themselves based on their strengths. And they review a career matrix of jobs in the biology field and talk about how they can use their strengths in the careers that interest them.

Biology Classroom

"I’m focused on helping our students understand how they can employ their strengths in their careers – and, ultimately, get jobs."Associate Professor of Biological Sciences Jason Andrus

Preparing for Careers in Dance

Through StrongPoints, Meredith's dance program prepares students to succeed in their chosen careers, whether they intend to pursue teaching or performance, or a blend of the two.

Students learn how to manage their finances and how to pursue professional opportunities. They also work on their resumes, prepare headshots, and practice how to talk about dance and their experiences in dance as professionals.

"Helping our students understand how to navigate the professional world of dance is one of my favorite things to do in our program. They're very successful in whatever pathway they choose because they are prepared to work with people, they're very adaptable, and they're creative problem solvers."Carol Finley, Professor of Dance

Carol finely and Dancers

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StrongPoints® is an advising and personal coaching program found only at Meredith that's designed to ensure our students make the most of college.


StrongPoints® is an advising and personal coaching program found only at Meredith that's designed to ensure our students make the most of college.

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"StrongPoints encourages our students to think about what they bring to the table and how to use it in a positive way." Chrissie Bumgardner, Co-Director, First Year Experience
Over 96%

of Meredith seniors receive career guidance from professors and advisers


of students participate in an applied learning experience such as study abroad, undergraduate research, or internships


of recent Meredith alumnae were satisfied with their academic experience


over the past five years, 92.2% of our alumnae are employed or pursuing graduate study within a few short months of graduation