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StrongPoints / Academic

StrongPoints: Academic

StrongPoints: Faculty helping student plan an Academic Pathway

Through StrongPoints, you'll develop a plan to get the most out of your academic experience. By focusing on your strengths and working closely with faculty and staff advisers, you'll develop challenging but attainable academic goals, as well as the steps to achieve them.

Here are some of the ways you'll address your academic planning through StrongPoints:

  • Create an academic pathway to complete your degree on time
  • Work with your advisers to select a major, minor, and classes that give you the expertise to succeed after college
  • Enhance your study skills and time management

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Academic Planning for First Year Students

Every first-year student who takes the First Year Experience (FYE) course develops a two-year or four-year academic plan. They do so using the latest academic planning software, with the guidance of an academic adviser. Students create a plan whether or not they have decided on a major, and it’s flexible to allow for adjustments (80% of all college students change their major at least once – three times is average).

FYE students develop their plan mid-semester, just before a meeting with their faculty adviser to register for spring classes. Doing so allows them to come to the meeting prepared for a productive conversation. Most important, this exercise shows first-year students the power of planning and gives them control over their college experience. And they can continue to refine and add to their plan throughout their four years at Meredith.

"When students focus on their strengths, they’re more confident, they develop and follow a path that’s a better fit for them, and they’re able to articulate their strengths to their professors and employers."Chrissie Bumgardner, Co-Director, First Year Experience

First Year Experience

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StrongPoints® is an advising and personal coaching program found only at Meredith that's designed to ensure our students make the most of college.


StrongPoints® is an advising and personal coaching program found only at Meredith that's designed to ensure our students make the most of college.

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Contact Information
Candice Webb
Director, StrongPoints
217 Park Center
(919) 760-2255
"StrongPoints encourages our students to think about what they bring to the table and how to use it in a positive way." Chrissie Bumgardner, Co-Director, First Year Experience
Over 96%

of Meredith seniors receive career guidance from professors and advisers


of students participate in an applied learning experience such as study abroad, undergraduate research, or internships


of recent Meredith alumnae were satisfied with their academic experience


over the past five years, 92.2% of our alumnae are employed or pursuing graduate study within a few short months of graduation