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Poll: Voter Satisfaction, Political Polarization

The newest Meredith Poll surveyed North Carolina voters to measure their satisfaction with the direction of the nation and the state of North Carolina. Voters were also asked about their opinions on political polarization, approval of political figures, the balance of power between the executive and legislative branches, perceptions of discrimination, and comfort level with conflict.

Poll: Policy Issues and the 2019 Legislative Session

The newest Meredith Poll explored North Carolina voter opinions on political issues including health care, distracted driving, and the direction of the country and North Carolina.

Poll: Voter Enthusiasm as Election Day Approaches  

Voter enthusiasm remains high heading into the last few days before Election Day. Over 70 percent of North Carolinians state they are likely to vote. Democrats hold about a five-point advantage in terms of enthusiasm over Republican and unaffiliated voters.

Poll: Mid-term Elections Enthusiasm and N.C. Constitutional Amendments

The latest edition of The Meredith Poll, conducted by Meredith College, found North Carolinians are enthusiastic about voting on November 6, but they are also not well informed about the state’s proposed constitutional amendments.

Poll: Distracted Driving as a Political Issue

North Carolinians agree that distracted driving is a serious issue, and voters support legislation to ban drivers’ use of mobile devices, according to the latest Meredith College Poll.

Poll: The Political Divide

The latest edition of the Meredith Poll, which surveyed opinions on current political issues, found that more than party affiliation divides North Carolina’s voters. 

Poll: Political Partisanship and Fake News

The Spring 2017 Meredith Poll explored North Carolinians’ views about fake news, their media usage, and political divisions.

Poll: Perceptions of Women in Politics and Law Enforcement

The Fall 2016 Meredith Poll explored North Carolinians’ perceptions of women in both politics and law enforcement. How safe do North Carolinians feel? Do they believe men or women are better suited to political leadership? How do they perceive women and men in law enforcement?

Poll: 2016 Elections

The Meredith Poll asked questions about North Carolinians preferences in major races in the state—for president, governor, and U.S. senate.

Poll: Wage Gap and Presidential Race

What do North Carolinians think about the wage gap issue? What are their opinions on presidential candidates in advance of the N.C. primary election? How do they view North Carolina’s Voter ID law?

Poll: Women as Business Leaders

How do North Carolinians view women as business leaders? How likely is it in the next decade that there will be an equal number of women in top executive positions as there are men? How does a candidate’s business background affect voter opinion?

Poll: Women as Political Leaders

How do voters in North Carolina view women as political leaders? Would they cast a vote for Hillary Clinton in 2016, should she become the Democratic nominee?


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