The Honors curriculum—25-28 credit hours designed to complement general education and major requirements—includes courses that expose students to the breadth of human knowledge as well as in-depth study in selected fields.

Honors Requirements 

  • 3 credit hours in Honors writing
  • 1-4 credit hours in an Honors lab science
  • 6 credit hours of Honors in the student’s major
  • 6 credit hours in Honors colloquia
  • 6 credit hours in Honors electives
  • 3 credit hours for the Honors thesis / creative project in student’s choice of area

Contracting for Honors Credit

Honors students contract a course in order to receive Honors credit for it. The most common Honors contracted courses are for ‘Honors in major’ or ‘Honors elective’. An Honors Contract opens a new dimension of a standard course for the Honors student, creating new opportunities and an enriched learning environment. The best Honors contracts help students and faculty members to explore an area of interest, potentially laying the foundation for undergraduate research, artistic enterprise, or an Honors thesis.

Honors Program Graduates Will:

  • Expand the intellectual depth and rigor of their academic program by challenging themselves to delve deeper into course content both within their chosen discipline and across general education curriculum.
  • Develop an appreciation for culture and a disposition toward civic engagement through participation in cultural enrichment, travel and service.
  • Demonstrate the ability to conceive, plan and execute a high quality research and/or creative project in the context of their chosen discipline and/or integrated across multiple disciplines.

Contact Information
Dr. Cece Toole
(919) 760-8814