Graphic Design

Graphic Design

As a graphic design major at Meredith, you’ll learn how to design effective logos, posters, magazines, websites, brochures, book jackets, product packaging, and advertising campaigns. You’ll become adept at solving consumer-centered communication problems, develop a clear understanding of the collaborative dialogue between client, designer, and audience, and prepare yourself for a rewarding, creative career as a graphic design professional. 


Graphic design combines a background in traditional art concepts with computer design and typography skills, and is structured to enable you to gain the skills and knowledge necessary for practice in the graphic design field. Students of the graphic design program are exposed to evolving technologies and contemporary developments in graphic and web design. Internships are strongly encouraged as a vital component of the graphic design education process.

Paula Pope-Jones

Paula Pope-Jones completed her degree at Meredith and found the supportive environment she was looking for.

Nora Butkovich

Grad school scholarship winner Nora Butkovich says Meredith prepared her for the next step toward her art career.

Meredith Laskovics | Typography
Stephanie Livesay | Poster
Andrea Feiss | Typography
Christina Saylor | Poster

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