Turning a Passion for Design Into a Career – Josefina Mercedes Puello

“I started my college career in nursing, but I quickly realized it wasn’t for me. However, since I was young, I always enjoyed creating, crafting, and designing things with whatever was around me, so I decided to take this passion for design and make it my career.

I am so grateful to be at Meredith. The faculty are truly dedicated to students, and they take their time to thoroughly teach and help each student achieve success. Every member of the staff I have worked with has always helped me get through any issues, making my life easier so I can actually focus on school and give my education my full attention.

My first internship ever was at Meredith – not only did I have the opportunity to work as a graphic designer, but I also had a great experience working in a place where I was able to learn new skills and build relationships with professionals. My coworkers taught me many skills that will help me in my future career and helped expand my knowledge of design. 

Also, the activities at Meredith have given me the opportunity to connect with students who are my age, and we frequently share what we are going through, being adults, but also trying to start or change careers. A great example is the WINGS program, which I joined as a member when I transferred to Meredith and now am the Student Life Representative.

Finding time to do homework as an adult student can be challenging and since English is my second language, I sometimes struggle a bit more with research papers and essays. However, the library resources and staff helped me a lot, as well as their tutors. I’m so happy that their hours are flexible, which made it easy for me to find the right time.

In the art department at Wake Tech, I had a professor when I was working on my Associate Degree who suggested Meredith. She said they had a great program for transfer students and an excellent graphic design program. She wasn’t wrong at all!

I am not sure what field I want to enter after I get my degree. I have learned a lot of skills that I have really enjoyed unexpectedly. I like working with my hands but I also have taken an interest in photography so I hope to find a career that will let me do what I love.

I’ve learned that I am capable of anything if I’m willing to put in the effort, and I’m strong. No matter how difficult the journey gets, I know I’ve got this!”