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The Undergraduate Research Program at Meredith College offers direction and support for students who are ready to be original, push the boundaries of the classroom and the textbook, and connect with others who share their interests.

“Participating in undergraduate research helped me hone my public speaking skills and my passion for inquiry and creativity.”
Olivia Slack smiling.
Olivia Slack, ’22
Undergraduate research study:
“Exploring Hispanic Nationalism in the United States”

About Our Undergraduate Research Program

The Meredith Undergraduate Research Program promotes collaborative projects involving students and faculty from across the campus, representing all academic disciplines or departments. Students have the unique opportunity to build research partnerships directly with faculty who encourage and support the students’ research and creative endeavors.

Students in all academic programs may earn course credit for approved research work. Academic advisors and faculty who share a student’s interest can offer further information and guidance. 

Research Grants

Gain the supplies needed to further your research through the Undergraduate Research Program funding.

You can submit your proposal to the Undergraduate Research Committee for consideration. Examples of possible funding requests include 

  • Perishable supplies used in research
  • Copy costs for manuscripts pertinent to the research
  • Small equipment specific to the research project

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Travel Grants

Present your undergraduate research at local, regional, and national conferences and receive funding support from the Undergraduate Research Program.

The maximum support currently available per student is $500 to cover travel, registration, and preparation costs. If several students travel to a conference, each student should apply for travel support.

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Summer Partnerships

Collaborate with faculty and fellow students to pursue a research or creative project that produces a tangible result.

Finished results can include 

  • Publication
  • Presentation 
  • Performance

The Shepard K. Halsch Endowment for undergraduate research funds monetary stipends for summer research projects. Students have from
May 15 – August 1 to complete their research.

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Institutional Review Board for Research

If you want to use human participants for your research, the Institutional Review Board (IRB) needs to review your project.

Meredith requires all research projects involving human participants to be reviewed by the IRB before the initiation of the research. The primary objective of the Meredith IRB is to protect research participants.

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Celebrating Student Achievement (CSA) Day at Meredith College is a day-long annual celebration of student achievement that includes research presentations, posters, performances, creative projects, awards, exhibits, and more. The day is a showcase of student research. By the time they graduate, 47% of Meredith students conduct undergraduate research in partnership with faculty mentors.

Getting Started

Undergraduate research experiences give you the freedom to expand upon your interests and a strong foundation for future research in your professional field. Check out our CSA Day YouTube channel for a sample of student research conducted at Meredith in recent years.

Are you ready to get started on your research? Here are the steps you need to begin today.

Identify the topics that resonate with you. Whether these are subjects you were already interested in or took a class with a topic you want to learn more about, undergraduate research allows you to dive deeper into your curiosity. 

Work with instructors from courses you enjoy and find faculty members whose research interests align with yours.

Faculty Research Interests Information

Gain course credit for working on research with your faculty mentor. Different departments across campus offer 499-level courses through which you can earn credit.

You can collaborate with faculty and fellow students to pursue a research or creative project that produces a tangible result.

Apply For Partnership

Two Students Performing Research in Chemistry Lab.

As a biology and psychology major, Alyshena Case, ’24, adopted a growth mindset which improved her confidence and prepared her for the future. Through her research experiences at Meredith, she has learned to believe in herself when faced with a challenge.

Mathematics and psychology major Rayna Maleki, ’23, came to Meredith thinking she’d study engineering. Instead, with the support of several faculty mentors, she fell in love with math and research. After graduation, she’ll go to Clemson University to earn her M.S. in mathematical sciences.

An Honors Scholar with majors in psychology and mathematics, Paige Lawrence, ’21, has learned the importance of community while at Meredith— a realization that inspired her to work with retirement homes to study fall prevention. After graduation, she will continue her studies at East Carolina University in the Master of  Occupational Therapy program.

Undergraduate Research News

Meredith College’s 22nd annual Celebrating Student Achievement (CSA) Day was held on Thursday, April 18, 2024.  This Meredith tradition offered a full day showcasing student work, from the 8:30 a.m. poster session in the Carlyle Campbell Library to departmental events in the evening. 

For the first time since 2019, Celebrating Student Achievement Day (CSA Day) was held in person on Thursday, April 13, 2023. CSA Day is an all-day conference during which students showcase the research they have conducted over the year in poster and oral presentation sessions to their peers, professors, and the Meredith College community. With more than 45 presentations held this year, attendees heard about a wide range of topics from biology to art and design.

Contact Information
Carolina Perez-Heydrich
Associate Professor of Biological Sciences and Director of Undergraduate Research
SMB 149
(919) 760-8020