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Cindy Anderson

Building Worldwide Connections – Cindy Anderson »

Cindy Anderson, ’12, M.A. in Teaching, was motivated to pursue her graduate degree by her students’ desire to learn and her own desire to stay on top of teaching trends.

Satina Smith

Taking Teaching to the Next Level – Satina Smith »

For Satina Smith, ’06, ’11 (M.Ed.) earning her M.Ed. with AIG specialization led to additional leadership opportunities.

Sharon Hartfield

Sharon Hartfield »

Sharon Hartfield, ’13, M.A. in Teaching, brings her adaptability and leadership skills to her work in the classroom – and beyond.

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Strong Story Cynthia Moseley

Educating Tomorrow’s Teachers – Cynthia Mosley »

Cynthia Mosley, ’14, is a lifelong learner whose enthusiasm for education has led her to pursue multiple graduate degrees, including a Master of Education from Meredith.

strong story megan diehl

Eliminating Barriers – Megan Diehl »

After being licensed as an English as a Second Language (ESL) teacher as an undergraduate student, Megan Diehl, ’10, ’13, returned to Meredith to pursue her M.Ed. with a concentration in ESL.



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