OCP is dedicated to ensuring that all students’ experiences, perspectives, and backgrounds are respected and affirmed. Students value working with organizations who value inclusivity. Individual identities, values, and goals are an essential part of the career and professional development process. When considering career and internship opportunities, we encourage our students and alumnae to research what potential employers are doing to create inclusive, welcoming workplaces for all, and we encourage employers to develop a campus recruiting strategy that eliminates barriers and promotes an equitable and inclusive culture. Contact us for more information!

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We encourage you to consider the following questions OCP, and other career services offices across higher education, ask in order to appropriately vet employers and their commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. These are not only questions we ask employers, but also questions we use to educate our students to make informed decisions during the job search process. Don’t be surprised if you hear some of these questions asked during an interview!

  • How does your organization define diversity and inclusion?
  • What type of diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives do you have in your organization? (These can include recruiting/hiring, retention, and promotion.)
  • How does your leadership staff reflect your commitment to DEI?
  • Do you have resources to support underrepresented students as they make the transition from student to professional? (Examples may be mentorship programs or employee resource groups.)
  • What professional development opportunities do you offer for staff that focus on DE&I? (These can include workshops such as anti-bias training or creating inclusive work environments.)

Source: Vetting Employers for DEI Programming, SDSU Career Services


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