Bootcamp: Fundamentals of Digital Media

Do you want to build your digital media skills to increase your value at work, or break into a new field? Looking to give your business or nonprofit greater visibility in today’s rapidly changing social media environment? 

Election 2020
A series of insightful conversations around Election Day

Are you a small business, independent contractor, or self-employed individual in desperate need of coronavirus relief options? A second round of Covid-19 relief funding is now available to small businesses, self-employed individuals, and independent contractors. This free webinar will guide you through the process of applying for small business relief as part of the new round of COVID-19 funding.

COVID-19 Funding for Small Businesses »

Voting is both a right and a privilege. But it can be challenging to find information you trust to make thoughtful decisions when voting. To help you prepare for the upcoming national election, Meredith College is offering Election 2020: A series of insightful conversations around Election Day. Each session will be led by David McLennan, Ph.D., Meredith College Professor of Political Science and Director of the Meredith Poll.