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Put our experts and knowledge to work for your company.

Top 20% of colleges in the country Info Graphic - Forbes (Blue- Johsnon Hall)The Office of Corporate and Community Engagement (CCE) is a central hub from which our top faculty and staff offer training or skills workshops, mini-courses, data analyses, investigative assessments, and other services to our corporate and community partners, groups, and individuals.

We make it simple –  a warm, community-based campus, dedicated training classrooms, and ample parking.  And we will tailor our fees for our corporate partnerships to provide top value for your investment. 

Strong Training Designed For You

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Meredith is known for our highly personal approach to education. That’s why we meet with you individually to ensure we understand your goals. It’s also why we’re uniquely equipped to develop comprehensive training that will exceed your expectations.

Not sure what kind of training you’re looking for? We can help with that too. 

Contact us to get started.

Latest Offering
How to Apply for COVID-19 Funding for Small Businesses

Are you a small business, independent contractor, or self-employed individual in desperate need of coronavirus relief options? A second round of Covid-19 relief funding is now available to small businesses, self-employed individuals, and independent contractors. This free webinar will guide you through the process of applying for small business relief as part of the new round of COVID-19 funding.

We’ll help you understand if you are eligible for funding, how much funding small businesses you can apply to receive, what the funding can be used for, whether you will have to pay any part of the funding back, and, most importantly, how to actually apply for the COVID-19 grants and loans for small businesses.

Watch a recording of the webinar on Youtube.
Download the Webinar FAQ sheet and Powerpoint Presentation.

Janey McMillen

Dr. Janey McMillen is the Director of Sponsored Programs for Meredith College, as well as the owner of a small business. She has over 25 years of experience in obtaining federal funding, serving as principal investigator for more than 20 federally-funded studies, frequent panel member for federal grant and contract reviews, and Chief Scientific Officer for a private research and development company in RTP for over 13 years.

  • What courses are available through CCE?

    Through  your partnership with Meredith, our expert faculty and staff will create and deliver customized, relevant programs on our campus or on your site.

  • What kinds of problems can you help me solve?

    Our expert faculty and staff can help you address a range of challenges and prepare for new opportunities, such as

    • Reduce productivity problems
    • Prepare employees for new roles
    • Enhance employee performance
    • Equip employees with required new knowledge and skill sets
    • Expand workforce and talent recruitment by providing retooling for people moving to the greater Raleigh area
    • Enhance employee wellness and satisfaction
    • Improve retention of employees in a tight job market
    • Create clearer pathways for innovation, leadership, and feedback
  • In what format are CCE courses offered?

    Are you looking for a single session or a series of sessions? Or a one-time analysis or ongoing research projects? Meredith College employs a highly-knowledgeable and experienced faculty and staff in a broad array of disciplines and fields. Our experts can provide educational enhancements and training for employees who want to sharpen their skills with non-credit coursework or continuing education.

  • Where are CCE courses provided?

    We can come to your site, or  you can come to our beautiful west Raleigh campus, which is easily accessed by Wade Avenue – an Interstate 40 connector – and by US 1/I-440.

  • What are potential topics for CCE courses?

    Meredith faculty and staff have a wealth of expertise from which to draw. Based on previous offerings, potential topics might include

    • Assessments and/or data analyses of corporate policies and impact, culture, and leadership.
    • Skill-building sessions on topics such how to use Excel spreadsheets, Zoom meetings, phone camera photography, social media, etc.
    • Not-for-credit workshops (one-time or a series) on various topics such as current politics such as Brexit or the Middle East, the upcoming U.S. election, employee relations, historical perspectives on the royal family or the U.S. political parties, literature, grammar, the science of climate change, building a business plan, and more.

David Mclennan"I enjoy helping those in the business community and civic organizations understand how politics at the state and national level affect them. One of the most interesting courses I developed for the Wake County League of Women Voters was about public policy issues in the state — education, transportation, etc.— that went beyond the basic talking points that seem to dominate popular discussions. I help people think beyond their partisan orientations to examine public policy and elections in an objective way."

- David McLennan, Professor of Political Science; Director of the Meredith Poll