Bootcamp: Fundamentals of Digital Media

October 15-17, 2021

Do you want to build your digital media skills to increase your value at work, or break into a new field? Looking to give your business or nonprofit greater visibility in today’s rapidly changing social media environment? 

Enroll in Meredith’s new boot camp and learn the essentials of digital media communication in just one weekend. You will learn the basics of photo and video editing, infographic creation, podcasting, and social media marketing. 

Gain the basic tools you need to build an effective social media presence and start a portfolio you can use to showcase those new skills to employers.

October 15, 6-8:30 p.m.
October 16, 9 a.m.-3:30 p.m.
October 17, 9 a.m.-12 p.m.

October 15-16: Harris 204 and Harris Conference Room, Meredith College Campus

October 17: Raleigh Founded, 310 S. Harrington St., Raleigh

Corporate Rate: $1,300 
Non-Profit Rate: $1,100

Course Descriptions

Digital Capital is rapidly becoming the economic engine of the 21st century. But, how much digital capital are we creating? And, are we creating digital assets with value? In this session, we focus on the tools available to create Digital Capital such as infographics, videos, podcasts, social media content, and more. In a world crowded with Digital Capital, how does our content stand out from the rest?

This session will focus on how to promote a brand or business on social media while ensuring consistency with the existing brand’s positioning and voice. We will also cover how to calculate and interpret key social media metrics to determine what is working for your business. Finally, this course will provide a brief overview of how to use Facebook Insights, a free service that businesses can leverage to easily review, measure, and report social media performance. 

Learn the basics of framing, photography, camera functions, video editing, media analysis, and aesthetics. Students will work individually and in groups to write, shoot, and edit their own projects. Students will work with Adobe Premiere Pro to edit their projects.

Infographics are a visual representation of any kind of information or data with the intent to inform or educate your audience. Statistics show that information is far better received visually than in written form. Students will learn the aesthetic reasoning and psychology behind them, and will produce one for themselves on a topic of their choosing. 

Students will learn what a podcast is and how to create one. They will also learn the difference between scripted and Q&A podcasts and familiarize themselves with a wide range of podcast topics. We will be highlighting multiple platforms to use.

In this one hour workshop, we will learn basic “global corrections” created with adjustment layers, and dive into a few “local corrections” including dodging/burning, adding a vignette, and removing distracting elements. All of this will be done with non-degrading photo editing techniques. 

NYU professors George B. Hotchkiss and Edward J. Kilduff remarked that the “value of a business English message is … determined by its effectiveness in securing a favorable response from those to whom it is directed. It is the art of impression rather than expression.” Whether composing a social media post, an annual report, a promotional flyer, or a work-a-day email, writers must craft messages that are clear, concise, precise, accurate, and – in most cases – persuasive. During this session, we will discuss and practice strategies for writing that does, indeed, “secure a favorable response.”

Who am I trying to reach with my digital marketing messages? Are they already familiar with my brand or firm or am I trying to create awareness among prospective consumers/clients/constituents? What do they already know? What do they need to know? How do I create content that is engaging and relevant to this target audience?

Asking and responding to these questions and others like them allows us to 1) identify our audiences and 2) compose messages – regardless of medium – that effectively connect with our target? In this session we will first discuss and practice audience analysis. Then we will discuss and practice strategies for connecting with those audiences.

About the Instructors

Alan Buck

Alan BuckAlan got his start in television broadcasting at the CBS affiliate WRDW in Augusta, GA, but then moved into larger markets at the Fox affiliate WHNS in Greenville, SC/Asheville, NC, and the WB affiliate WLFL in Raleigh, NC. After years of being a News Videographer, he moved into management and became the Director of Promotions for WTWB in Greensboro, NC.

He attended UNCG and received a BA in Media Studies. While a student, he started freelancing videos for many companies while simultaneously operating UNCG’s campus television station  Some of his clients to date include NC State University, UNCG, Clear Channel Radio, Greensboro Chamber of Commerce, and Deep South Entertainment where he produced a video for a well-known Country Music artist. He has shot video for the CBS Network, The Weather Channel, the Masters Golf Tournament, and the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Wanting to learn emerging interactive media trends, he then enrolled in Elon University’s Interactive Media Masters program and is now an Assistant Professor in the Communication Department at Meredith College and the director of Meredith’s new Digital Communication certificate program. In December 2020 he was awarded a Fulbright Specialist grant by the US Department of State. to teach media skills abroad.

Lisa Monahan

Lisa MonohanDr. Lisa Monahan is an Assistant Professor of Marketing at Meredith College where she teaches Principles of Marketing, Advertising, and Social Media Marketing. Before that, Lisa spent  fifteen years working in industry as a marketing executive in New York City and held roles at a number of Fortune 500 firms including Hanes Brands, Citibank, and Unilever. She began her career as an advertising executive at J. Walter Thomspon, New York. 

Dr. Monahan is an active researcher whose work has been published in peer-reviewed journals such as the Journal of Advertising, the Journal of Business Research, the Journal of Product and Brand Management, and the Journal of Consumer Marketing. She received both the Excellence in Research Award (2020) and the Excellence in Teaching Award (2021) from the Meredith College School of Business. 

Lisa holds a BA from Amherst College, an MBA  from Columbia University, and a PhD from the University of South Florida.

Shannon Johnstone

Shannon JohnstoneShannon Johnstone’s photographic work deals with themes that reclaim what has been discarded and make visible that which is hidden. Her project, “Landfill Dogs”, has been featured nationally and internationally, and was most notably on ABC World News with Diane Sawyer (2013), and (2014). Her recent project, “Stardust and Ashes”, was a Critical Mass Finalist (2017), and exhibited at “The Front” in New Orleans, LA (2017). Both projects were featured at Colorado Springs Fine Art Center (Year of the Dog, 2018), and the Gaddy-Hamrick Art Gallery (All Creatures Great and Small, 2019). Johnstone is a tenured professor at Meredith College in Raleigh, NC.

Jennifer Burgess

Jennifer BurgessJennifer Burgess earned her MA in English from the College of Charleston and her PhD in Rhetoric, Composition, and Literacy Studies from the Ohio State University. She teaches professional writing and composition courses. Dr. Burgess, using primarily archival methods, researches the rhetorical practices and performances of late nineteenth and early twentieth century American women as deployed through their business, professional, and technical writing. Originally from South Carolina, Dr. Burgess, her husband, and their three children are thrilled to be back in the Carolinas after spending five years in the Midwest.