Are you interested in:

  • Land and water conservation
  • Energy management
  • Public policy
  • Organizational sustainability
  • Global sustainable development

The environmental sustainability major is an interdisciplinary program focused on three foundations: natural and mathematical sciences, social sciences, and economics and communication. Students can tailor an environmental sustainability program that fits their professional career interests, by choosing from select liberal arts courses, such as environmental politics, ethics, and economics, in addition to science and math classes, and participating in a research or internship experience. The program prepares students for a wide array of career options and engages them in a campus environment that is focused on issues of sustainability.

Types of jobs:

  • Nonprofit, private, or government researcher
  • Sustainability coordinator
  • Energy, waste, or water manager
  • Environmental protection technician
  • Environmental consultant
  • Environmental educator
  • Technical writer
  • Community organizer

Attend graduate school for:

  • Sciences (biology, chemistry, earth and environmental sciences, agricultural and food sciences)
  • Economics
  • Political science
  • Public health
  • Law
  • Business

Options for the major:

  • B.A. in environmental sustainability
  • Double major or minor in any additional related area of interest such as economics, biology, political science, nutrition, communications, international studies, and religious and ethical studies
  • Or include specific electives as needed for licensure requirements if you are interested in elementary, middle, or high school teaching
  • Biology and Environmental Sustainability Career Pathway Seminar every fall
  • Experiential opportunities
    • Study Abroad
    • Undergraduate research
    • Participation in regional science organizations such as the NC Academy of Sciences
    • Student Achievement Day
    • Internships with community organiations and research institutions
    • Angels for the Environment
    • Community service opportunities

Professional associations:

  • Society of Women Environmental Professionals
  • National Association of Environmental Professionals
  • The Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education
  • Ecological Society of America

Career outlook:

Scientist or corporate management
Green career database

Additional information:

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