1. How will my previous degree apply toward my second bachelor’s degree?

If your previous bachelor’s degree was granted by a regionally-accredited college or university, our second bachelor’s degree policy allows for all of your general education requirements to be considered “met,” meaning you will typically only focus on completing the course work for your major.

You will not be required to take foreign language or PE classes and you are exempt from completing all other general education requirements.

You also may receive transfer course credits that apply toward your major if they meet Meredith’s program requirements, which could further decrease your investment of time and money.

2. How long will it take to complete a second bachelor’s degree?

It depends on your needs. Taking a full-time course load (typically four–five classes a semester) will give you the quickest turnaround, in some cases allowing for completion in as little as three semesters.

Faculty advisors know that you have a busy life and will help determine the optimal completion schedule for you, even if you take only one or two classes per semester.

3. How does the application process work? 

The first step is to submit a completed application form, including essay, and a $40 application fee. To begin the application, create your application account. You will need to submit an official transcript from each college or university attended, even if credit was not earned.

If you have taken classes since graduation, you will also need to submit a School Official Recommendation Form completed by the Registrar’s Office at your most recently-attended institution.

Professor recommendations may be submitted as part of the application, but they are optional.

After you submit your application, you’ll be able to log into your application portal and view the status of each required application document. Once all materials are received and your transcript(s) are evaluated, all pieces of the application will be reviewed and you will be notified of your admission decision as quickly as possible.

Don’t worry about getting lost in the process; you will work with your Admissions Counselor who will walk you through each step.

4. Will I “fit in” on campus and have opportunities to be involved?

As a second bachelor’s degree “Wings” student, you would be among more than one hundred undergraduate students aged 23 and older, and part of a tradition of adult education at Meredith spanning more than four decades.

Faculty and traditional students are welcoming, and through a wide variety of activities and events, you could choose to quickly become part of the campus community.

New Wings students are invited to a Brunch and Learn series designed specifically to help new Wings students quickly acclimate to Meredith and meet other Wings students.

The student-led campus organization for undergraduate adult students, Women In New Goal Settings (WINGS) also provides opportunities for socializing with other Wings students and participating in its events. Wings students are encouraged to connect with the campus and network by joining other clubs and organizations as well, including honor societies for their majors.

5. Are there expenses beyond normal tuition?

All students pay a student activities fee each semester and commuter students pay an annual commuter parking fee. Depending on your major, there may be course-specific fees for software, supplies, books, etc.

Meredith College requires health insurance as a condition of enrollment for all full-time (12 credit hours or more) undergraduate students to assure that they have access to health care services beyond what is available on campus. Students who have health insurance my opt out of the plan that Meredith offers by submitting an insurance waiver; students who do not have health insurance will be charged for the insurance Meredith offers according to the current fee and enrolled in the plan.

6. Is financial aid available to students pursuing a second bachelor’s degree?

Meredith College may provide grants of up to $10,500 annually to full-time students who are pursuing their second bachelor’s degree and who have demonstrated need. Students must maintain satisfactory academic progress and continue to demonstrate need in order for the grants to be renewed. These grants do not have to be repaid.

Contact the Office of Financial Assistance for more information.

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