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Taylor Keyes, ’21, finds her work as a lab research technician for Duke Health to be both purposeful and fulfilling

Taylor Keyes Strong Video

How to Order Your Text Books

How to Order Textbooks

Sophie Lee, '22

Sophie Lee Strong Video

Elena Blackwelder, '23

Elena Blackwelder Strong Video

Celia Bettinsoli Video

Celia Bettinsoli Strong Video

Watch the video The Science Behind Strong | Graduate Nutrition at Meredith

Meredith College M.S. in Nutrition 2021

Video - The Meredith MBA; Personal and Strong

The Meredith MBA 2021

Ayla Gutschick

Ayla Gutschick Strong Video

Mirana Bohl Video

Miranda Bohl Strong Video

In this Campus Conversation, adjunct faculty members La’Meshia Whittington,’16, and Jovita Lee, ’16, ’18, discuss how they met at Meredith and the significance of the course they’re teaching on racial equity and social justice.

Campus Conversations: Teaching Racial Equity and Social Justice

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