Videos about Meredith College.

Luisa Jaramillo, Master of IO Psychology

Luisa Jaramillo Video

Alex Rouch

Building a Career in Publishing – Alexandra Rouch, ’20, Video

CHESS Building Opening

CHESS Building Opening Video

Video to Explore the new CHESS Building

Explore the new CHESS Building Video

Mwende Mumo, ’23, identify the right majors that would capitalize on her math and problem-solving strengths.

Preparing for a Career in Data Science Video

Alumna Tori Penna, '19

Pursuing a Career in Occupational Therapy – Torri Penna, ’19 Video

Olivia Slack Strong Video.

Passion for Learning About the World – Olivia Slack, ’22 Video

Communication major Mariana Alvarez Gonzalez, ’22.

Sharing Stories Through Social Media Marketing – Mariana Alvarez Gonzalez Video

Psychology major Veronica Harrison.

Becoming a Supportive Mentor – Veronica Harrison Video

Psychology major Veronica Harrison, ’22, came to Meredith as a student of Wings, an adult education program, where she found her strengths and used them to fuel her passion for mentoring.

Communication Major Alison Bunce.

Global Communicator – Alison Bunce Video

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