Internships are an essential aspect of a Meredith education.

Most students complete at least one, and many do more – some as part of their study abroad experience. And our strong reputation among employers locally and nationally means students have plenty of options when it comes to finding the right internship.

How My College Prepared Me For My Career

Internships are an essential part of the Meredith experience. Most students complete at least one and many do more. You’ll learn by doing, build a professional network, and prepare for your dream job.

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Increasingly, career-related experience is a job requirement, not simply an expectation. Our Office of Career Planning staff as well as our faculty have extensive connections with area employers. And because our students are known for their exceptional communication skills, work ethic, and academic preparation, employers increasingly come to us asking for more of our students – so much so that we often have more internships than we can fill.

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With multiple internships and on-campus leadership roles, business administration major Ayla Gutschick, ’21, strengthened her work/life balance skills and landed a job in her field even before she graduated.

Olivia Brown

For Olivia Brown, ’20, identifying her top strengths served her well during her internship as a frontend software developer at HCL Technologies, where she accepted a full-time position after graduation.

Where Our Students Intern

With an ideal location in Raleigh, Meredith provides students with opportunities to complete internships in a variety of settings, from corporations to non-profits, from schools to hospitals.

Internships on Campus

Meredith offers a number of significant internship opportunities right on campus, including a five-star child care center, a unique autism program, and a campus wellness program.

Landing an Internship

The Office of Career Planning serves as a clearinghouse for incoming internships. If students are interested in earning academic credit for their internship, they will need to work with the faculty coordinator in their academic major. Additionally, students can find information about internships: