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Meredith’s computer science degree allows students to develop a broad understanding of current technologies and fundamental knowledge of architecture and operating systems. Through the program, students demonstrate strong analytical and critical thinking skills and the ability to design and implement programming solutions. 

“Computer science felt like the best space for me to excel. And I chose to come to Meredith because I would never have the opportunity to be in an environment predominantly surrounded by women, especially in my field.”
Jeanine Carryl
Jeanine Carryl, ’22

Our Computer Science Major

With an ideal location near Research Triangle Park, Meredith can provide you with internships at top companies. You will be part of a uniquely collaborative environment and have access to various opportunities that support women who enter fields like computer science that are traditionally chosen by men.

Meredith offers both the Bachelor of Science and the Bachelor of Arts in computer science, as well as minors in data science, mathematics, mathematics and computer applications, statistics, and web development. 

Computer science majors can also choose to participate in the Dual Degree Engineering Program, which is an agreement between Meredith and North Carolina State University, where you can simultaneously complete the academic requirements of both institutions and gain two degrees in five years.

Students earning a bachelor of arts in computer sciencex are required to complete 30 credit hours which include 27 hours of core computer science courses and three hours of electives.

Computer science major course descriptions

Undergraduate course catalog

Students earning a bachelor of science in computer science are required to complete 51-52 credit hours which include 37 hours of core computer science courses, three to four hours of math courses, and 11 hours of electives.

Computer science major course descriptions

Undergraduate course catalog

Why Study Computer Science at Meredith?

  • Computer science majors at Meredith will 
    • Gain a broad knowledge of hardware, software, and computing fundamentals
    • Solve problems using current technologies
    • Integrate knowledge to create solutions to complex problems
    • Demonstrate professional and ethical behaviors and attitudes
  • Students pursuing a major in computer science are required to participate in a cooperative education course or complete an internship. Recent internships for computer science majors include
    • UNC-TV, Research Triangle Park, NC
    •, Cary, NC
    • SAS Institute, Cary, NC
  • Research is an integral component of the computer science program and allows students to work collaboratively to solve problems, develop research questions, and make presentations. Recent projects by computer science majors include
    • “Cataloging Conversation: Using Word Frequency to Predict Utterance Categorization”
    • “Building a Green Laptop: Viable or Visionary?”
    • “How does your vote count? Comparing voting algorithms and effects on elections”
  • Scholarships and awards are available to computer science majors, including 
    • The STEM Scholarship Program provides a unique opportunity for talented students to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.
  • Resources available to computer science majors include
    • The Canaday Math & Computer Science Club promotes interest in mathematics and computer science and provides information on the current applications of these subject areas.
    • The Bit Lab is a student-run computer lab used exclusively by computer science majors who have built high-end PCs and installed Linux operating systems and networking.
  • The Bachelor of Arts degree, which requires only 30 credit hours, is suited for students wishing to combine an interest in computer studies with a minor or second major in another area.
  • An example of student success in Meredith’s computer science major is Pinaky Patel, ’19, who dreamed of earning a computer science degree since she returned to the U.S. at 17. Twenty years later, she succeeded in obtaining her degree and now works as a Scrum Master at MetLife.

Computer Science Degree Jobs

Computer science is one of the fastest-growing industries in the country, with a median pay of $131,490 per year, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Graduates of Meredith’s computer science program are employed in a variety of occupations and also enjoy success in graduate school.

Meredith’s computer science graduates have furthered their education in the following programs.

    •  Ph.D. Programs
      • Ph.D. in Information Technology, UNC-Charlotte
      • Ph.D. in Computer Science, UNC-Chapel Hill
    • Master’s Degree Programs
      • Master of Science in Cybersecurity, University of Maryland University College
      • Master of Library Science, UNC-Chapel Hill
  • Potential jobs for graduates with a computer science focus: software engineer, QA/test engineer, UX researcher, product manager, data scientist, web developer, and more
  • Jobs held by Meredith graduates include
    • Business Development Manager, Brooks Bell, Raleigh, N.C.
    • Technical Consultant, SAS Institute, Cary, N.C.
    • Development Tester, SAS Institute, Cary, N.C.
    • Release Engineer, Tekelec, Morrisville, N.C.
    • Physical Sciences Librarian, UNC-Chapel Hill, Chapel Hill, N.C.
Data Analysis Class.

Jean Hinton, ’25, discovered a passion for data science through her classes at Meredith. By designing her own major, she will be the first Meredith student to earn a B.S. in statistical and data sciences.

Computer science major Jeanine Carryl, ’22, was drawn to STEM fields from an early age. After graduation, she accepted a position as an associate web developer, a role that resulted from her internship.

For Olivia Brown, ’20, identifying her top strengths served her well during her internship as a frontend software developer at HCL Technologies, where she accepted a full-time position after graduation.

From the moment Pinaky Patel, ’19, returned to the United States at the age of 17, she had a dream of earning a degree in computer science. Almost 20 years later, that dream is a reality.

Computer Science News

Kagure Wamunyu, ’13, returned to Meredith College to share life lessons with students. At the lunch, Wamunyu shared what she has learned throughout her journey from her time at Meredith to her current entrepreneurial pursuits in Kenya. 

When a new historical marker was unveiled in downtown Raleigh on September 22, 2023, a group of Meredith College students, alumnae, and faculty were on hand to celebrate. The new marker, which now stands near the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences, commemorates the women mathematicians who worked as “human computers” for the U.S. space program and military. Meredith College alumnae are among the women whose work is recognized with this new marker.

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