During a semester abroad with Meredith in Italy, you will be immersed in Italian language and culture while finding a home in Tuscany. 



You will live and study together with other Meredith program students and faculty in the 16th century Palazzo Alberti, our beautiful study abroad site in Sansepolcro, Italy. Watch a virtual tour of the Palazzo Alberti.


Both fall and spring semester programs are open to students of all majors. Meredith students who participate in the Italy semester program can completely fulfill the foreign language general education requirement. Programs offer a full semester of general education credits taught by local Italian experts, along with special discipline-specific courses taught by rotating Meredith Faculty in Residence.

Community Engagement

Meredith has been part of the Sansepolcro community for more than 20 years. You will contribute to this legacy through service-learning projects in local elementary schools and regular dinners with host families. Some families in Sansepolcro have been hosting Meredith students for over 15 years.

Travel Opportunities

As part of the program, you will complete a one-credit “Learn to Travel/Travel to Learn” course to become a confident international traveler. The Sansepolcro semester programs also includes group excursions and built-in independent travel breaks, where you may apply your skills and explore Italy or other countries in Europe.


Semester cost includes Meredith College on-campus tuition, fees, room, and board, plus a Study Abroad Fee. Additional expenses include round-trip airfare, books, independent travel, and miscellaneous personal expenses. Upon approval of study abroad, Meredith students are eligible to use aid towards program costs. Additional scholarships are available to help defray costs. Non-Meredith students should speak with their home campus study abroad coordinators for updated cost information.


Book an advising appointment with Liz Yaros. See Apply to Study Abroad for application materials. Non-Meredith College female students are welcome to apply.


Professor Callie DeBellis
Director of Meredith in Italy & Assistant Professor of Spanish