Meredith College does not tolerate acts of sexual harassment, interpersonal violence, and sex- or gender-based discrimination. Anyone wishing to make a report about an incident of alleged sexual misconduct, including incidents that have occurred during remote learning, should contact Pamela Davis Galloway ( or Ann Gleason (, Title IX coordinators.

What is Title IX?

Title IX states that no person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied benefit of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving Federal financial assistance. It is more than just “the law that made school sports more equitable for girls and women.” Title IX also prohibits sexual harassment, which includes acts of sexual violence, as a form of sex discrimination.

Every campus is required to designate a Title IX Coordinator to oversee complaints, identify problems, be available to students and law enforcement, and handle Title IX concerns. Meredith’s Title IX Coordinator is Pamela Davis Galloway, Director of Human Resources, who can be reached at (919) 760-8760, and is located in the Park Center (1st floor/ Office of Human Resources). Meredith’s Deputy Title IX Coordinator is Ann Gleason, Dean of Students, who can be reached at (919) 760-8521, and is located in the Office of the Dean of Student (212 Park Center).

Sexual Misconduct Policy

Meredith College is committed to providing a safe and positive living, learning and working environment. Members of the campus community are expected to treat others with integrity and respect and to take responsibility for their actions. Meredith College will not tolerate sexual misconduct including, but not limited to, non-consensual sexual intercourse, non-consensual sexual contact, sexual exploitation, sexual harassment, sexual coercion, relationship violence, and stalking. Sexual misconduct can be committed by men or women, and it can occur between persons of the same or different gender. Acts of sexual misconduct are forms of sex discrimination prohibited by College policy and Title IX.

Nondiscrimination Policy

Meredith College is dedicated to equality of opportunity within its community. The College does not discriminate against its employees or applicants for employment because of race, color, national origin, age (as defined in the Age Discrimination in Employment Act), religion, sex, disability, veteran’s status, or sexual orientation. This policy applies to all aspects of the employment relationship including, but not limited to, recruitment, selection, advancement, compensation, benefits, transfer, and termination.

For questions regarding Title IX may be referred to Meredith’s Title IX Coordinator or OCR.  Meredith’s Title IX Coordinator is Pamela Davis Galloway, Director of Human Resources, Office of Human Resources, 122 Park Center, 919-760-8760,  Meredith’s Deputy Title IX Coordinator is Ann Gleason, Dean of Students, Office of the Dean of Students, 212 Park Center, 919-760-8521,

Sexual Assault and Rape
Sexual assault is defined as any incident of forcing another person to perform a sexual act against his/her will. Force can be implicit through the use of threatening words, gestures, or tone of voice, or explicit through actions of physical restraint. According to North Carolina state law, rape is defined as forced sexual intercourse against the will of another person. Rape is also considered to be sexual intercourse with a person who is physically, mentally, or otherwise incapacitated (including incapacitation from the use of alcohol and drugs), when the person performing the act knows of the victim’s incapacity.

Seek medical assistance as soon as possible following the incident (ideally within 72 hours). Do not shower before being examined. Be sure to advise medical personnel that treatment is necessary because of assault or rape. Medical information is essential if charges are filed.

Meredith complies with the federal Campus Sex Crimes Prevention Act.

Confidential Campus Resources
Counseling Center (919) 760-8427
The Counseling Center is open Monday – Friday 8 am – 5 pm during the academic year. After hours, during the academic year, the counselor on call may be reached by calling the RD on duty at (919) 612-6350 or Campus Police at (919) 760-8888. Services provided by the Meredith Counseling Center include:

  • Crisis intervention and debriefing
  • Short-term individual, group, and family counseling
  • Psychological consultation
  • Resource and referral services
  • All services are free and confidential (unless you waive confidentiality or disclosure is legally required)

Carroll Health Center

Office of the Chaplain

Click here to access the Anonymous Electronic Form for Reporting Sexual Violence

Additional Meredith Resources
Campus Police
Drugs and Alcohol: Health, Safety & Responsibility Newsletter 2020 (PDF)
Student Title IX Presentation 2020 (PDF)
Title IX Briefing for Faculty Staff 2020 (PDF)

Title IX Training Materials

Student Conduct Institute Member Logo

Additional Resources

Wake County
InterAct of Wake County
InterAct is a private, non-profit, United Way agency that provides safety, support, and awareness to victims and survivors of domestic violence and rape/sexual assault. InterAct fulfills this mission through the support of its volunteers and community.

North Carolina
North Carolina Coalition Against Sexual Assault
NC SAVAN Brochure (PDF)
Rape Victim Assistance Program
Rape Victim Assistance Brochure (PDF)
Definitions of Rape and Sexual Assault
Sexual Assault Facts
Warning Signs of Dating Violence North Carolina Laws

Financial Help for Women in Abusive Relationships
Love Is Respect
National Sexual Assault Hotline 1.800.656.HOPE
National Sexual Violence Resource Center
Not Alone
RAINN Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network

Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Office (SAPRO) Sexual Assault and Abuse

Who Are You?

Contact Information
1st Floor Park Center
(919) 760-8898
Fax: (919) 760-8164