Web Developer – Jeanine Carryl

“I chose to study computer science because of its flexible career paths. I was always interested in STEM from a young age and I knew I wanted to do something that would make an impact on the world. Computer science felt like it was the best space for me to excel. And I chose to come to Meredith because I would never have the opportunity to be in an environment predominantly surrounded by women, especially in my field. I have accepted a full-time offer from my internship with Prometheus Group as an associate web developer that will begin after graduation.

I told myself I wouldn’t get involved in co-curriculars my freshman year and I’m glad I didn’t listen to myself. I’ve learned that I love supporting others and being of service to the community. Tutoring was the most fulfilling part of my education at Meredith. Being able to share my knowledge with my tutees and seeing those lightbulb moments made it worth every second.

I have met the most impressive students at Meredith. They have given me the opportunity to grow and discover parts of myself. In addition, I will always remember classes with Dr. Monahan, Dr. Macomber, Dr. Brown, and Professor Watkins as they provided me with countless life lessons.

Being vice president of the Student Government Association provided me the space to share Meredith’s concerns. Although I wasn’t able to accomplish all that I aspired to, I know there are other strong leaders on campus who will continue the work that needs to be done.

During my time at Meredith, I experienced people claiming that things will never change and that it’s pointless to put energy into it. There is still a lot of work to be done so students can see the fruits of their labor. However, I feel that as long as we all keep striving for a better Meredith, things will change.”

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