Promoting Health Through Nutrition – Suzanna Gracyk

“I wanted to study food and nutrition because I have always loved food and want to help others have the tools they need to be empowered with their health. Food is an important part of everybody’s life. It is a way to nourish our bodies, share time together, and care for each other.

Part of the Meredith experience is the tight-knit community. I am thankful to have professors who know my name and who are able and willing to work with me individually as needed. Everybody at Meredith is incredibly supportive, and I feel I am making lifelong connections here.

The Wings community has been a vital part of my Meredith experience! As a non-traditional student, it can be daunting to complete an undergraduate degree while trying to balance so many other things. The WINGS organization became my friends and support group, and I will always remember how wonderful that was. I learned I can handle more than I thought. I also learned how important it is for us to support each other.

The COVID-19 pandemic posed many challenges. One of the hardest was juggling my own online classes with my two children’s online classes. I think we all will look back on this time and feel proud of what we have accomplished.

I got a second chance to achieve my dream of finishing my degree. I chose Meredith because of the outstanding nutrition program. My ultimate goal is to complete my dietetic internship and become a registered dietitian. As for what my career goal is afterward, I am still exploring my options. This is why I am very excited to be attending graduate school!”