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Faculty / The Meredith Minute

The Meredith Minute

Lifelong learners never stop being curious.

That’s why we developed The Meredith Minute – a series of short videos and essays featuring Meredith College faculty explaining a topic within their area of expertise. From demystifying the principle of compounding to explaining why we can’t eradicate diseases like ebola and the flu, each episode will clarify one aspect of our world – one minute at a time.

meredith minute


woman writing equations on a chalkboard

How to Help Women Succeed in STEM

Much has been made about the lack of women working in science, technology...

doodles and drawings on a piece of paper

The Surprising Benefits of Fidgeting and Doodling

What do you do when your mind wanders and you...

two women at a march holding protest signs

A Social Worker's Perspective on Feminism

Feminism is an expansive and evolving concept. It is...

Student in a chemistry lab

Are “natural” products safer than synthetic?

Often the term “natural” is used to convey the idea...

Equal Suffrage League

Politics Aside: Women and the Vote

American women won the right to vote in 1920, but they were far from apolitical...

Science Equipment

How Mathematics Impacts Your Health

When you were sitting in a mathematics class, did you ever wonder if...