Early Referrals 
If you are concerned about the success of a student, please contact the Director of the Student Success Center to make a referral.  Making early referrals are perhaps the best way to help a student get connected to the most appropriate campus resource in a timely way. Signs that a student may need an early referral are low scores, excessive absences from class, missing homework assignments, and observed changes in demeanor or behavior.

If you see signs of a student exhibiting at-risk behaviors, please attempt to contact the student before making a referral. Although it is called “early referral,” students can be referred at any time during the semester.  If you have any questions, please contact the Director of the Student Success Center.

Additional On-Campus Resources

  • Learning Center, 1st floor Jones Hall, 760-2800, offers individual peer tutoring.
  • Counseling Center/Disability Services, 2nd floor Carroll Hall, 760-8427, offers workshops, counseling, accommodations for classes due to physical/learning/psychological disabilities.
  • Health Services, 1st floor Carroll Hall, 760-8535, offers treatment for minor illnesses and emergencies.
  • Financial Assistance, 3rd floor Johnson Hall, 760-8565 offers financial aid and scholarships.
  • Dean of Students, 2nd floor Cate/Park, 760-8521, offers First-Year Experience programming, housing, commuter life & diversity programs and the honor council.

We are happy to schedule an appointment with you. Email us at and we will help you arrange a convenient time.

Contact Information 
1st Floor, Park Center
(919) 760-8062