Health Services

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Student Health Center is not accepting walk-in appointments and has increased our number of available telehealth appointments. Please call (919) 760-8535 to schedule an appointment.

Meredith College’s Student Carroll Health Center provides confidential health care services by appointment. All students must submit a Student Medical form prior to enrolling at Meredith.

Our student services include the following:

  • Clinical care for minor illnesses (major illnesses are referred off-campus or to the student’s primary care provider)
  • Care for minor emergencies
  • Health consultations
  • Providing health promotion and disease prevention education.

Students should call Carroll Student Health Center at (919) 760-8535 to be screened and, if indicated, be tested for COVID-19. During the pandemic, the Student Health Center is not accepting walk-in appointments. The Student Health Center hours are Monday – Friday 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. during the academic year and Monday – Thursday during the summer. Residential students should contact the Residence Life Critical Response Team at (919) 612-6350 for after-hours instructions. For information regarding after-hours care, please see “What to do when the Student Health Center is closed?“.

The Student Health Center has partnered with Residence Life, Dining Services, Housekeeping, and other campus departments to provide support for students who are unable to return home and require on-campus quarantine or isolation spaces.


The Health Center is located on the first floor of Carroll Hall between Belk Dining Hall and Martin Hall.

Confidentiality of Records

All medical records are confidential information and are not part of the permanent educational record at Meredith.


Health fees cover the costs of physician and nursing services rendered in the Health Center.

The student health fee is included in the residence room and board fees paid by students living in the residence halls. Oaks apartment residents and commuter students must pay the Health Center fee, $100 per semester, to receive services.

Some prescriptions, x-rays, laboratory tests, the Gyn-Clinic, student-teacher physicals, emergency room fees, and consultations with physicians off-campus must be paid for by the student.

Verification of Health Center Visit

Professors may call the Health Center to verify your visit. However, no medical details are released without the prior written permission of the student. Professors determine whether or not an absence is excused.

Transport to the Health Center

Transportation to the Health Center can be provided by Campus Police for students who are unable to get there on their own.