Counseling Center

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Counseling Center is not accepting walk-in appointments and is conducting the majority of services through telehealth visits. In crisis, contact the counselor on-call by calling Campus Police at 919-760-8888 or the Critical Response Team at 919-612-6350 for assistance during the fall and spring academic semesters. To schedule an appointment with a counselor, email or call 919-760-8427.

The Counseling Center provides a safe place for students to talk throughout the academic year to professional counselors about a variety of personal issues. All services are offered for free and are confidential. Services include:

  • Individual, short-term counseling
  • Crisis services
  • Psychological consultation
  • Resources and referral
  • Disability Services


Counselors are licensed and experienced in assisting students with the unique challenges that college students may face, regardless of their culture, color, religion, gender identity, size and disabilities.

Why counseling?

People typically come to counseling because they are experiencing emotional pain or wish to improve their lives in some way. While people seek counseling for many reasons, some of the common issues addressed in counseling include:

  • Coping with stress
  • Improving mood and overcoming depression
  • Enhancing self-esteem
  • Managing anxiety
  • Surviving loss and grief
  • Adjusting to college
  • Improving relationships with partners or roommates
  • Dealing with emotional trauma (e.g. abuse, assault)
  • Understanding sexual orientation and identity
  • Coping with family and childhood issues


If you need to talk to someone, call 919-760-8427 to schedule an appointment. Our fax number is 919-760-2383.

Contact Information
Beth Meier
Director, Counseling Center
208 Carroll Hall
(919) 760-8427
Fax: (919) 760-2383