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Education at Meredith


Teacher education is a vital part of Meredith College. We have a proud history of educating women to be innovative teachers who lead and serve in the broader community. Meredith’s education programs ensure that our teachers will be knowledgeable, thoughtful, and prepared to meet the needs of all students.

Statement from the Department: People in the Triangle, across the country, and around the world are protesting and are demanding an end to systemic racism that stole George Floyd’s life and has taken the lives of too many others.  We know some of their names – Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, Eric Garner, Trayvon Martin, and Michael Brown. We recognize that there are many more. As educators, we believe Black Lives Matter and we see the impact of racist policies, laws, and beliefs in our schools and in our society.  We stand with the protesters who are demanding change and add our voices to theirs. We also acknowledge our role as teacher educators in confronting racism, bias, and privilege, including our own. Right now we are listening with open ears and hearts to our students and colleagues of color at Meredith College and in schools across our state. We know we have work to do personally and professionally to become allies who fight systemic racism and injustice in all its forms. Students in our schools need and deserve antiracist teachers who are not afraid to teach, learn, and lead the way toward equitable schools and a just society. This statement is our initial commitment to action.  We plan to engage in critical conversations that don’t stop when the headlines change.  We ask our community to hold us accountable and to help us determine what change needs to look like on our campus, in the schools, and in the communities we serve.  Now the real work begins.  (6/11/2020)

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Heather Bower
Assistant Professor; Department Head, Education
207-B Ledford
(919) 760-8061
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Contact Graduate Programs
Valencia Hicks-Harris
Graduate Program Manager & Admissions Counselor for Education
(919) 760-8316
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Meredith undergraduate students complete a liberal arts major in the field of their choice and, at the same time, pursue a teaching license by completing a teacher education program in the Department of Education. Completion of the teacher education program, the major, and a general education program that is used to strengthen your overall knowledge as a classroom teacher, lead to a North Carolina teaching license. 

By pursuing teacher licensure at Meredith, you’ll be transformed by a rigorous education that fosters leadership, promotes reflective practice, and cultivates passion for learning and the art of teaching.

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Find out what sets Meredith's education programs apart and why our teachers are among the best regionally and nationally.

Education at Meredith College

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Leslie Arreaza

Leslie Arreaza

As a transfer student Leslie Arreaza, ’19, struggled to find her place at Meredith, but it was through her passion for helping immigrants and refugees that she found her voice and her place at Meredith.

Profile photo of Emily Wilkinson

Emily Wilkinson

Emily Wilkinson, ’19, has always had a passion for children and individuals with special needs. Her Meredith experience has grown that passion and her own personal experiences have inspired her to become a special education teacher.

Profile photo of Charley Cox in her softball jersey

Charley Cox

As an exercise and sports science major, Charley Cox, ’19, knew when she arrived at Meredith College that she wanted to pursue an education career and help build healthier lives within her community.