As an economics major, you will learn how to solve problems in business and society. Meredith’s program focuses on the practical applications of economics to everyday situations and dilemmas and offers a high degree of flexibility.


Our students are thoroughly prepared for graduate study in economics, but they are also well-equipped for meaningful careers right out of college. At Meredith, students can customize their program in a way that maximizes their success. Students can also combine an economics major with another major, in preparation for positions in two different fields.

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Meredith Minute - Explaining the Gender Pay Gap

You may have heard the statistic that a woman makes 80 cents for every dollar a man makes, but do you know what this gap really means? Anne York, professor of economics at Meredith College, offers insight on how the Gender Pay Gap is calculated and the factors that contribute to it.

Zainabu Otieno

Zainabu Otieno’s experience at Meredith prepared her for a job on Wall Street.

Katie Holland

Find out how Katie Holland, ’16, turned an internship opportunity into a job

Broyhill Business Program

The Broyhill Business Fellows Program at Meredith prepares students for top internships and job placements through specially designed leadership and professional-development activities that complement any major field of study in the School of Business. 


Economics majors have the opportunity to gain hands-on training by completing economics internships with leading businesses, government agencies, and non-profit organizations. Read more about Internships »